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Shampoo, conditioner, vitamins and masks that save your hair

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Between blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, plus the daily wear and tear, hairstyles, and abrasive climate, we know your hair is hurting, and that’s why we invite you to revive all those worn-out locks. and make them look awesome and nourished with our favorites for impactful and vibrant hair.

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1. UBe Beauty Shampoo: Rich in light, non-greasy seed oil that helps reduce breakage and split ends and maintain a healthy scalp. It can also help prevent hair loss for thicker, fuller hair due to its blend with collagen.

2. Igia Hair Oil: This non-greasy formula with Argan Oil of Morocco instantly absorbs into the hair, giving it a soft, healthy shine and helping to eliminate frizz while infusing spectacular shine.

3. K-18 Hair Mask: A leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage in 4 minutes. Patented Peptide Technology works to repair damage caused by bleaching, dyes, chemical stripping and heat, restoring hair’s strength, softness, smoothness and bounce.

4. Ag Hair Care Shampoo: Natural sulfate-free cleansing agents gently refresh hair and scalp, while pea and rice amino acids increase hydration and curl retention, keeping locks soft and defined thanks to their expert formulation.

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5. Aquage Conditioner: Designed to help strengthen, treat and protect damaged and brittle hair types. Its formula seals and fixes color molecules to maintain hair color results for longer. Its sea-derived enzyme complex binds deep into the hair, forming a heat-activated shield to prevent thermal damage from styling.

6. UBe beauty mask: This mask will protect and rejuvenate your hair, even if it is dyed or has undergone a chemical process. It will also protect you from sun damage, chlorine and dry weather. Hair Vitamin can be used on any hair type and is an ideal product to use on curly and unruly locks.

7. Gentleman Serum: This serum will help stimulate hair growth from the root. It is made with pea shoot extract, phenoxyethanol and water with sodium benzonate to maintain density and restore hair to its original thickness for both men and women.

8. Holy Curls Hair Cream: Achieve soft, voluminous curls with this hair treatment richly formulated with conditioning ingredients to help keep curls soft and manageable while adding extra hold and body. The exclusive combination of citrus essential oils leaves your hair perfectly curly after showering.

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9. Wander Beauty Hair Treatment: This restorative 3-in-1 hair design does triple duty as a daily conditioner, intensely hydrating hair mask, and leave-in detangling treatment that leaves hair feeling silky smooth, frizz-free, and ready to be styled.

10. Fanola Hair Mask: Combines the benefits of a mask with those of a styling product (without resin in the formulation) A compact line for damaged, rebellious and frizzy hair (colored, bleached, chemically treated) deliberately created with natural clay as the main component for its volumizing effect on the hair from the outside.

11. Melanie Jovanovic Beauty Studio Serum: Nourish hair follicles, eyelashes and eyebrows with this product that gives you visible results in just two weeks. Apply it every night by massaging in circular motions for better absorption.

12. Vernon Francois Hair Cream: Shapes hairstyles and highlights the true texture of curly, wavy and straight hair. It spreads easily and evenly without any stickiness. It contains coconut oil, shea butter, witch hazel to provide shine, argan oil with vitamin E to provide hydration and nutrition.

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13. UBe Beauty Shampoo: Achieve hair impact with this shampoo that repairs hair, brings it to an unparalleled state of hydration, shine and growth while restoring its natural shine and health thanks to its all-natural ingredients.

14. UBe Beauty Conditioner: Pamper your hair with this fabulous conditioner that is divinely formulated with vitamins that help soothe dry, itchy scalp with its antiviral, soothing and conditioning properties.

15. Itinera Curl Conditioner: Conditioner for curls, with detangling and moisturizing properties, based on red grapes from Tuscan vineyards and vegetable oils. Exclusive formula enriched with pear extract, organic sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin and panthenol. Define and shape your curls, leaving them bouncy and shiny.

16. Herbivore Texturizer: Formulated with the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean, this texturizing spray’s naturally scented salt spray will bring new life and volume to your locks, making you feel like you’ve returned from the beach to flat, uninspired locks. of coconut and vanilla that give off an exotic aroma.

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17. Vernon Francois Conditioner: Maximize your hair’s potential with this conditioner for all wavy, curly and curly hair textures. A rich blend of castor and macadamia oil combines oil extract with the fatty acids of coconut oil to detangle, smooth and strengthen while nourishing the scalp providing a nourishing condition without the to become heavier.

18. Serum Frigg: Revitalize dry, unruly hair with this toner that blends baobab and castor oils, antioxidants and omega fatty acids to soothe itchiness and hydrate dry ends to promote overall hair health. Its botanical blend of rosemary, cedarwood and sweet basil essential oils will restore shine and softness to your hair with constant use.

19. Briogeo Scrub: Made with a unique blend of Japanese binchotan charcoal and plant-derived scrubs. Effectively detoxifies and balances to relieve itching and aggravation, while coconut oil locks in deep moisture. A panthenol vitamin infusion delivers essential nutrients for a stronger, healthier feeling that’s refreshing, invigorating and addictive all at once.

20. Pure Parker Men’s Shampoo and Conditioner: This anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner is specially designed for people with fine, thinning hair or concerned about hair loss. Natural and organic, it is free from any harmful artificial ingredients and infused with special ingredients for a long-lasting moisturizing and glowing effect.

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