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Six Tips for Taking Care of Moms Hair

Moms are increasingly concerned about the health of their hair, whether for appearance or health, taking into account that over the years and changes in the body can affect the scalp, causing them to use various hair products Sometimes they do not give you the desired results. Wild Fruit, a recognized brand of shampoo run by its founder Marcela Aristizabal, explains to us what are the 6 tips for maintaining healthy hair.

“Our hair needs daily care to keep it healthy, prevent hair loss, split ends, stagnation and stop growth. Keep in mind not to pull your hair too much when combing it and collect them. The health of your scalp is very important, taking care of it correctly allows you to avoid hair diseases and a bad appearance of your hair. At Fruto Salvaje we know the importance of having hair highlights beautiful and healthy in your life, that’s why we work to create products that give effective results and that our customers can see with the naked eye, perfect for this month of mothers”, says Marcela Aristizabal, founder of Wild Fruit .

Six tips for healthy hair

Marcela Aristizabal shares six tips for healthy hair with her Wild Fruit products:

●Wash hair with cold water, as hot or lukewarm water is not beneficial for hair.

●Apply the shampoo preferably correctly, first in the palm of the hand then in the hair, if the hair is greasy or mixed, it is necessary to massage very gently so as not to stimulate the production of sebum.

●Always apply conditioner or moisturizer to the hair, these provide moisture and nutrients which are washed away with the shampoo.

●Determine the right washing frequency according to your type of locks, this way the sebum will be prevented from covering the hair bulb. Oily hair tends to be washed daily, mixed hair every other day or two, and dry hair tends to be washed as little as possible.

● Maintaining a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential as it promotes hair growth.

●Protect the hair from the sun’s rays, because like the skin, it becomes fragile with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Actions that damage hair

Hair suffers damage which on some occasions cannot be avoided. Some of the symptoms are split ends, dullness, dryness, frizz, breakage and lack of control. However, there are other patterns that can deteriorate even more such as dyeing, lights or reflections, the use of chemicals helps modify the natural structure, temperature changes with dryers, irons or climate .

Careless processes can also abuse your hair, such as brushing and combing without taking basic care, causing it to lose its life, look dull, poorly hydrated and badly damaged. It is ideal to use products that generate benefits and provide nutrients, preferably natural products to improve hydration, growth and strengthening.

“At Fruto Salvaje we want to celebrate Mother’s Month by offering quality products for women of all ages. We know that by dint of having damaged or mistreated hair, their appearance is dull, lifeless. Mainly, this is due to damage during its care or external stressors that affect the composition of the hair zone. This makes it look dull, dry and sometimes even strawy, for this reason the light and shine that we all want in our hair is not reflected. Thinking about this, we create hair products suitable for every need, because at some point in my life I needed it. End of Aristizabal.


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