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Socks, perfume, oil and more gifts for grandparents

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Our grandparents are special people who will not always be with us, and if you want them to feel loved, add one or more of these products that are ideal for you to pamper them and know that you love them.

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1. Socks by Comrad Socks: Bring a fun and modern touch of color to your grandparents’ outfits with these faded socks available in several fun and casual shades. The best thing is that its compression design promotes blood circulation and relieves leg pain caused by aging.

2. Sigma Impex watch: Its elegant original wooden box makes it very attractive and presentable. An attractive gift for your loved ones, especially grandparents who love designs ancient. This beautiful pocket watch comes with its own matching pocket watch chain and presentation box.

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3. Pursonic Essential Oil Kit: 100% pure essential oil set with no added fillers, additives, bases or carriers that are ideal for aromatherapy, massage and custom body oils, vaporizer, diffusion, oil burner, inhalation, compresses, perfumes, blends, spa , skin care, household and cleaning. some products.

4. Pursonic Handheld Massager: Give them the opportunity to have a spa at home with one of these divine portable electric massagers for massaging neck, shoulders, back, hands, legs and feet. Its mini size design gives this vibrating massager incredible power that is battery operated and has 3 massage modes.

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5. Snif Perfume Kit: Refresca el aroma de tus abuelos con este kit que incluye las tres botellas de tamaño completo (3 x 30 ml) más tres probadores (3 x 2 ml), ya que es la form mas más fácil de experimentar y cambiar su esencia sin tener que salir of the House.

6. Butter by Keba Aromatic Duo: A blend that contains essential oils of lavender, chamomile, neroli, mandarin, vetiver, geranium combined with fragrant notes of freesia and jasmine. It’s light, subtle and creamy. This blend is for sensitive and adult skin that needs strong hydration without discomfort.

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7. Mint and Lily Bracelet: A special detail that will remind these grandparents that they are special beings who have come to you to enrich your life, take care of you and give you selfless love throughout your life from the moment they have encountered.

8. Brybelly Garden Set: Perfect for barbecues, family reunions, parties and more, croquet is an ideal game for almost any age. Add this game where the objective is to use a mallet to drive the ball through the wickets and into the stakes. Croquet is a fun and relaxing game that can be enjoyed with family and friends at barbecues and more. It is also a great gift idea.

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9. Book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Let your grandfather get lost in this literary work which is one of the most influential of our time, One Hundred Years of Solitude remains a dazzling and original achievement by the masterful Gabriel García Marquez, Nobel Prize for Literature. One Hundred Years of Solitude recounts the rise and fall, the birth and death of the mythical city of Macondo through the story of the Buendiá family.

10. Sky Medsupply International Rod: For grandparents who are tired or have difficulty walking, we have this freestanding design that allows the user to navigate almost any terrain, including uneven surfaces, loose sand and gravel. The compact design allows for easy use of the ladders, and increased stability means less fatigue and impact stress on your hand, wrist, and elbow!

11. Gentleman Serum: With age, hair becomes thin and brittle, and what better way to revive it than with this serum to stimulate hair growth from the root. It is made with pea shoot extract, phenoxyethanol and water with sodium benzonate to maintain density and restore the original thickness of men’s and women’s hair.

12. Melanie Jovanovic Beauty Studio Serum: We also have this other option that nourishes hair follicles, eyelashes and eyebrows with this product that gives you visible results in just two weeks. Tell your grandparents to use it every night, massaging in circular motions for better absorption.

13. Dr Pillow Pillow: Crafted with soft memory foam, this pillow gently cradles your head, neck, and shoulders, while its infused soothing essential oils create a feeling of soothing oasis in the comfort of your bed. It also has built-in active technology that helps diffuse heat and release a flow of soothing cool air while you sleep through the night. Ideal for people with allergies, asthma or sensitive skin.

14. Bearaby Blanket: Your grandparents will love this divine 100% organic cotton knitted blanket that has plenty of weight so they sleep better and feel naturally calmer at rest.

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