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Sofía Vergara’s secret to wearing well-groomed XL hair at 50

Showing off your hair isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s about being consistent with hair care, with specific products for our hair type, or not using excessive heat tools. Everything in theory is very easy, but in practice not so much and less when you reach certain ages.

Over the years
hair loses density, volume and shine. However, some women have taken such good care of their hair along the way that they now have enviable hair. In your family circle, there are surely many with ideal hair, but it also happens with the famous ones.

This is the case of Queen Letizia who, about to turn 50, has healthier and stronger hair. Her latest makeover made it obvious. a mane
short haircut very flattering accompanied by what looks like a bath of color that coats gray hair.

But she’s not the only celebrity who, at 50, has great hair. The same thing happens to
actress Sofia Vergara. at the gala
emmy awardsthe actress surprised everyone again with her spectacular look with a yellow sequined dress and thin straps, but also with her XL hair.

Sofia has been sporting long, well-groomed hair for years. Although in many of her public appearances she appears with waves, the actress actually has straight hair. However, when hosting special events, she often opts to style her hair into a different shape.

Sofia Vergara at the Emmy Awards. /


the actress looks her 50 an enviable maneBut how do you do that? As she has confirmed to many magazines, who have also asked her about her hair, the actress admits that she does not use too many products, only those that are necessary.
In your routine, there is always shampoo, conditioner and hairspray if you choose to do your hair.

H&S Ambassador For many years, Sofía has always used the brand’s products, both shampoos and conditioners. It is a type of product that, in addition to giving the hair a beautiful appearance, eliminates and prevents the appearance of the dreaded dandruff.

In addition to shampoo, we also recommend using other products that could be used perfectly
Sofia Vergara in her routine based on her hair to get a mane from ten to 50.

Dandruff Shampoo Nourishes and cares for health and safety. /


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Dandruff Shampoo Nourishes and cares for health and safety. It’s a shampoo that costs less than 3 euros and helps cleanse the hair thoroughly. It has a formula that prevents the appearance of dandruff and eliminates it if we have it. It takes care of the scalp and gives a lot of softness to the hair.

Redken Volumizing Conditioner. /


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Redken injection volume conditioner. It is a specific conditioner for fine hair that provides density and body. It is formulated with ingredients that allow hair to be silkier, more beautiful and hydrated. It is used in the shower, after the shampoo and must be left to act for a few minutes. After this time, you can proceed to washing.

Moroccanoil volumizing hairspray. /


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Moroccanoil Volumizing Lotion. It is a hairspray that contains proteins that strengthen the hair and add thickness to the hair. It is also used to fix the hair when we want to do a certain type of hairstyle.

Remington hairdresser. /


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Remington styling brush. This is a ceramic coated brush with keratin and almond oil. Includes various accessories and two hair clips with thermal brush. It has a power of 1000W and costs 49.99 euros.


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