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Penn State football plight: he’s stuck with Franklin

The entire Penn State coaching staff is lacking in accountability, starting with our overpaid head coach.

Apologies galore but no results. Where to (re) start?

Coaches: I know we are now stuck with James Franklin until he asks for another raise, but is it too much to ask him to be a coach?

The best coaches (Saban, Smart, Swinney, Fisher, Day or even Schiano) are much more involved in the game than Franklin.

His MO seems to be a good recruiter, a coach below the average. His sleight of hand fools no one.

I’ll give Franklin credit for getting a raise and overtime with a record 0.500 over the past two years.

I believe he caught Penn State in a vulnerable state (new president), with a new, well-respected agent, and looks like other teams were willing to be dumb with their money paying this guy.

However, why didn’t we actually negotiate this deal (similar to Jim Harbaugh) where it would be incentive-based and go into effect when he actually wins? Too bad we didn’t have a viable alternative (like a Matt Rhule) to take a different approach with Franklin.

Also, were Yurcich and Trautwein the performers we thought they were? Keep in mind that we have referred the previous trainers to select these two. How long before I show them the door?

Players: I love Clifford’s guts, but honestly, do Franklin and Yurcich think he’s our best QB to win?

I’m disappointed that Christian Veilleux didn’t get the same number of snaps in an exhibition match.

The Bleu-Blanc game may shed some light on our newcomers, but it might be the same old one.

Kirk gadebusch

Marietta, Georgia

A once proud “black hole” program with no signs of resuming

For two years and today, it is “Groundhog Day” for that once proud Penn State football program.

He continues to slide into a black hole with no recovery in sight.

The Outback Bowl was like night and day. Arkansas made adjustments, and Penn State made none.

In short, Penn State was dominated, trained, executed and all passed in a 24-10 loss.

Personally, I think James Franklin is responsible for all of this.

It’s not the same person that dates back to 2019, when the team was 10-2 and won the Cotton Bowl.

It is not worth $ 85 million for the next 10 years. This program will not recover until Franklin voluntarily leaves the program or is bought out.

I have lost all respect for his leadership and that of the administration.

The Hart


Outback Bowl performance is a worrying sign for the future

Sitting in Raymond James Stadium watching a team that didn’t look ready to play, we got cheated.

If it hadn’t been for Arkansas coverage on our one touchdown and Arkansas technical staff were game behind and a knee late in the game, the score would have been worse.

We’ll never be an elite team, but our coach earns a salary that Happy Valley fans continue to question.

I’m afraid of what will be next season.

Randy Sibert


Problems will take more than a season to resolve

I’m writing this at the end of the Outback Bowl, and it occurs to me that I’m less optimistic for PSU football at the end of this season than at any time during the sanction years.

The issues affecting this team are only too well known, even by casual fans, to bother to mention them. They will not be fixed in one season.

James Franklin’s lucrative and long-term contract extension during such a disappointing season says more about his abilities as a marketer and negotiator than anything else.

Maybe a bit of a tough love like Michigan did with Jim Harbaugh was in order. Franklin letting his name appear for different jobs last year would have been an easy call for many athletic directors.

Tony Kibelbek


Players retiring from boules should be disclosed earlier

We know how James Franklin deals with players who won’t play in regular season games (unless they’re out for the year). He said nothing, and we find out at the time of the match.

We might not like it, but we have to respect the way he runs his program. The problem I have now is the way it handles players who are not playing in boules games.

Some problems arise. When should we, as fans, know? Fans pay thousands of dollars for tickets, travel and accommodation.

They want to see the Dotsons and the Briskers. Shouldn’t they know as soon as possible when the game is announced?

And if Franklin or Penn State knows they aren’t playing and refuses to tell everyone until a few days before, shame on them. You can even call it a form of bait and switch.

How do the sponsors feel? Will it be a bigger problem on the road?

What happens in two years if Bryce Young retires from a game of bowls and no one knows for a few days?

If Penn State was in the playoffs. would these players still have withdrawn?

And, finally, if I sound bitter, look no further than how the entire fan base and alumni association have supported this program over the past 10 years.

Richard goldfarb


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