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Taninoplasty or how to have the smooth and shiny hair of famous people


The only but of this chemical-free hair treatment is its price, over 200 euros per hair

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The ultra-sleek hair trend that started in 2018 with bob cuts continues this summer. Wearing smooth, shiny and fluid hair like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez is possible thanks to a new organic smoothing that surprises with its results.

No, we are not talking about the well-known Brazilian smoothing, the famous Japanese smoothing that arrived in Spain at the end of the 90s or the definitive keratin straightening… We are talking about taninoplasty, a hair treatment based on smoothing hair and finish frizz using tannin, a polyphenol of vegetable origin which is extracted from the skin of grapes or the bark of trees such as oak or chestnut and which allows to obtain a smooth table.

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Taninoplasty, free of chemicals and preservatives, helps smooth the hair and give it an extra dose of shine, hydration and silkiness. The only but of this new hair treatment is its price. Carrying out the process in a mane below the shoulders will mean an expense of more than 200 euros. And from there. However, to know exactly what a taninoplasty costs, it is necessary to go to a beauty salon and have the hairdresser draw up a personalized estimate based on the quantity and length of the hair to be treated.

On what type of hair can the treatment be applied?

It is a treatment suitable for all hair types, from curly hair to the most damaged hair. Being organic, it is also suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women or people with allergies. And, also, for girls over 12 years old.

In the case of women who have recently dyed their hair, the treatment may alter the tone. If, on the other hand, the hair is going to be colored after the taninoplasty, the ideal is to wait at least five days.

Naturally, it is a treatment that is suitable for both women and men. In fact, it’s a growing trend among boys who have hair with that “frizzy” effect.

It all depends on the type of hair being treated, although the effects of taninoplasty normally last three to six months. The best way to keep your hair like a plank is to wash your hair with a special shampoo and mask that your hairdresser will recommend after the treatment. Soap and cream will be an extra 50 euros.

Where can we do it?

In Valladolid there are several hairdressers who perform this treatment. For more information, you can consult the website of the brand that holds the patent for the treatment. If you are determined, call as soon as possible because the waiting list is several weeks in the capital of Pisuerga.

How’s the treatment going ?

The treatment is long. You will need to spend at least four hours at the hairdresser. The most tedious part is undoubtedly the straightening with the iron. But the results are worth it. And a lot.

Normally, although it depends on each beauty salon, the first step will be to carry out a small test on a part of the scalp to ensure that the product does not cause a reaction.

Then the hair is washed several times with sulfate-free shampoo. Then the hair is divided into sections and using a hairdressing brush, the treatment is applied from roots to ends. Leave to act for 30 minutes and the product is rinsed off. The next thing is to seal the tannin with the iron taking small strands. This is the most important step for the result to be perfect.

For best results, the hairstylist may recommend not washing your hair for the next 72 hours.


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