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Writing. After the death of Queen Elizabeth IIseveral details of her personal life were discovered and at the same time recalled, such as her diet, her personal care, her way of dressing and others, which made her an icon for years.

On this occasion, it is mentioned that the monarch used a special brush to comb her platinum hair and thus be able to maintain her haircut. Isabel has used the same hair style for many years and so it is becoming iconic.

Royalty have made their hair one of their defining characteristics, as confirmed by the picture of Elizabeth IIwho became the third longest-lived monarch of all time.

Queen Elizabeth kept her hairstyle for over 30 years.

The ruler’s hairstyle has barely changed even over the years. “In general, royal women – also men – tend to stick to one style and hairstyle, but if there is one who is particularly loyal, it’s Elizabeth II, who has maintained the same style. since the 50s of the last century.

her hair was white, short and perfectly slicked back with well-kept curls. An absolutely classic look but one of her trademarks and which had a very important advantage for her: it allowed her to wear a hat, an essential accessory for the queen.

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He hasn’t dyed his hair since 1990.

Isabella II He stopped dyeing his hair in 1990 with a product called Chocolate Kiss, gradually turning gray within months. As she got older, the queen opted for shorter hair with two prominent curls in the front.

A stylist has revealed that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was once his favorite client and had gorgeous hair, although the loyalty of the monarch’s hairdresser prevented him from sharing the queen’s demands publicly.

queen hair
The queen kept her style for years and stopped dyeing her hair in 1990.

However, we realized that the trick is in the coupe, as revealed by the Daily Mail columnist specializing in royal themesRichard Eden, to whom presenter Esther Rantzen confided that the monarch always made sure that her hairdresser kept the cut perfectly symmetrical.

“Her hair should be identical from side to side, so no matter how people look at her, her hair will always look exactly the same.” said the reporter.

used a perm

It was said at the time that keeping her hair naturally wavy, the monarch opted for a perm. As Eduardo Sánchez says, the queen has always kept her hair very neat, with a perfectly symmetrical cut and a very beautiful white tone, the result of care.

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom
The queen’s haircut had to be perfect and asymmetrical.

Most likely Queen Elizabeth II He used a purple shampoo to avoid yellow tones and received moisturizing treatments, the expert analyzed.

To maintain the hairstyle, the British media reported that Her Majesty was faithful to the brushes of Kent Brushes, a brand founded in 1777 by William Kent during the reign of George III, whose popularity is largely due to the quality of its products. .

queen brush
This would be the brush that the queen used to maintain her hair.

The company holds a prominent place in the history of brush making and has been recognized by the awarding of royal titles for nine reigns. It also benefits from a Royal Warrant or distinctive from the suppliers of the British Royal House.

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