The 12 Hottest Jobs Where You Can Do What You Love

The future of work is here and the job market may be as dynamic as it has ever been, making it a great time to find a new job, change jobs and land a job that you are looking for. love.

Grass can indeed be greener in another organization or role: true happiness comes from the alignment between doing what you love to do, doing what you are good at, and doing something that helps. community at large. The more alignment you have, the happier you’ll be, according to research. Salary also matters, so you reach a threshold that gives you quality of life and validates your contribution. And flexibility and remote working are criteria for a great work experience that you can incorporate into your selection process as well.

Because the job market is so healthy, you have the opportunity to make the perfect match. Of course, no role is ideal and there will always be things about a role that are not your favorite, but as much as possible, strive for a job that fits your current needs and offers opportunities. possibilities for the future.

Lots of opportunities

According to a press release from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, total employment is expected to increase by 11.9 million jobs, from 153.5 million to 165.4 million jobs through 2030. The increases the least faster are expected in the leisure and hospitality sectors, and the highest numbers of new jobs are expected in health and social assistance.

Along with the speed and number of jobs that will increase, flexibility is also a factor. According to FlexJobs, the industries where the most flexible and remote jobs are available are: IT / IT, education / training, marketing and accounting / finance.

When considering your next role, think about what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, and how the job will grow. Surprisingly perhaps, the best way to predict happiness in your job is not based on salary. It’s more based on passion, fitness, colleagues and contributions. But a certain threshold of remuneration is essential for health and quality of life. Considering today’s job market and opportunities, you may consider flexibility and remote working as key criteria for a big role.

Most important will be the right combination of all of your criteria and how any job offers the right amount of accomplishment for each of your priorities and the greatest opportunity to enjoy your job. Here are the types of work you might enjoy and the associated areas of job growth, compensation, and flexibility:

Help and help professions

If you like well-being, health and the aid professions, there will be no shortage of opportunities. According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioner roles are expected to increase by 52%, followed by occupational therapy assistants (36%), physiotherapy assistants (35%) and animal caretakers ( 34%). Indeed data suggests registered nurses and practical nurses are among the most in-demand jobs. And Adzuna’s research found that the demand for physiotherapists increased by 214% in 2021. According to the helping professions, elementary teachers are also identified by Indeed as being among the most common. Salary is also a factor and Adzuna reports that compensation for therapists has increased 23% in the past year, while compensation for nurses has increased by 22%.

Logistics and supply chain

If you enjoy working in logistics with tangible results of success and in an area with high visibility given supply chain issues, you will also have tremendous opportunities here. Warehouse workers are the positions that have increased the most in terms of demand in 2021, according to Adzuna, with an increase of 354%. There was also an increased demand for forklift operators (254%) and material handlers (235%). The demands also affected wages. Handler salaries increased 17% last year, Adzuna said.


If you are interested in HR and talent development, and want to be a part of today’s talent revolution, you may want to consider a recruitment consultant position. According to Adzuna’s data, it has the second-highest growth, with demand exceeding 332% at the end of 2021 compared to the start of 2021.

Safety and security

If you attach importance to safety, security and the protection of the public good, you are also in luck since the role of security guard is the third most requested role according to Adzuna, with a growth of 325% last year.


Finance is also an exciting career and one where you can use or develop your current skills – towards numbers, analysis and financial savvy. Adzuna data shows that finance clerks are the fourth fastest growing position at 228%. And data from Indeed shows that accountants and bookkeepers are among the most available jobs today.

Administration and customer service

If you enjoy serving customers and thriving an organization, being at the heart of how a business operates, jobs also thrive in your area of ​​passion. Adzuna’s fifth most popular job was as a customer service associate (286% growth last year), and Indeed reports that a customer service representative was also among their most common occupations. Adzuna has also seen demand for receptionists increase 229% over the past year, and Indeed has found administrative assistants to be among the most available jobs.

Lead and manage

If you enjoy leading, empowering people, orchestrating and managing, you will find a plethora of jobs available. According to Adzuna, demand for GM positions increased 225% and Indeed also found this position to be among the most available. Indeed, sales managers and marketing managers were also popular. And Adzuna’s data also showed that demand from project managers increased by 135%. Flexible and remote jobs are also available in this field. According to FlexJobs, the roles of business development manager, marketing manager and product manager are among the most common for remote work.

Working with the public

If working with audiences energizes you, there are plenty of opportunities as well. Adzuna reports that the demand for cashiers has increased 222% in the past year. Indeed, research agrees, as cashiers are among the 20 most common roles, in addition to retail salespeople.

Technology and Analysis

If you are passionate about information technology, computing or analytics, the job market will welcome you. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the demand for statisticians will increase by 35% over the next decade, and the demand for information security analysts will also increase by 33%. Indeed reports that web developers are among the most in-demand jobs. Compensation in this area has also improved. According to Adzuna, salaries for software developers have increased by 35% in the past year and those for Java developers by 21%. If remote working or flexibility is your priority, FlexJobs reports that front-end developers, social media managers, and web designers are some of the most flexible and remote jobs available.

Arts and entertainment

If you love the arts, entertainment, and creative and theatrical pursuits. You will have a lot of opportunities. Here, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports strong demand through 2030: for film projectionists (70%); for ushers, hall attendants, ticket takers (62%); for agents, company managers of performers and sportsmen (46%); for costume designers (44%); for make-up artists, theater and performance (37%); and film and video editors (33%). Now is the perfect time to pursue a career associated with creativity and performance.

Exercise and athletics

If health, exercise, motivating others, or achieving athletic achievements are your passions, you will be pleased with the expected growth in these areas according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for exercise coaches and group fitness instructors as well as athletes and sports competitors is expected to increase by 38% each.

Catering and Hospitality

You’ve heard a lot about this one, so if you enjoy working with audiences and are motivated by hospitality and great experiences, you may want to consider a waiter or food service preparer role that will be popular according to Indeed. And the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 49% increase in demand for restaurant cooks. And according to Adzuna, jobs in this field have also seen their wages increase. In particular, salaries for waiters increased by 64%, while salaries for baristas increased by 20% and hosts / hostesses by 17%.

In sum

Now is the perfect time to find a new role. As the saying goes, find the job you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life. While this idealism is not always achievable, it is entirely possible to find something that gives you the opportunity to express your talents, contribute to your community and live with a positive quality of life in terms of compensation. and flexibility. Jobs that can enrich and be a part of a busy life are available today, and perhaps more than ever.


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