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The $60 moisturizer that’s just running out

    The supply of facial moisturizers on the market today is huge. The many references adapt to all skin types and all pockets, but the popularity of some of these creams, for various reasons, increases as the foam and euphoria of the product takes over among consumers. This phenomenon can be triggered because it becomes public that it is used by a celebrities or because users who have already tried it very graphically demonstrate its advantages.

    Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    sunday riley


    One of the products that has the chance to take advantage of this condition is the moisturizer Ceramide Ice of the Sunday Riley firm. This formula is in high demand due to its high moisturizing power.especially in dry skin, which, according to buyers, justifies its price, higher than 60 euros.

    moisturizing cream 60 euros dry skin


    The fundamental problem of dry skin and dehydrated skin – how do you know if you have dry or dehydrated skin? – is that the body itself does not produce enough water for the face to be in optimal condition. Those with this type of skin are used to looking for products, whether creams or serums -here you have the 20 best serums for dry skin-, with strong moisturizing power. And it looks like the Sunday Riley benchmark is packed with ingredients that help achieve its goal of producing and retaining moisture. The moisturizer is led by ceramides, the ingredient for calming irritated skin, which the brand describes as follows: “They build a protective shell that creates a barrier around the skin and prevents outside aggressors from entering”. This element helps retain water in the skin, which is precisely the difficulty that dehydrated skin presents.

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    Ceramides are joined by other hygroscopic ingredients responsible for absorbing water to create a moisture barrier. Beet extract and pomegranate harvest moisture and work to keep it on the skin. Thanks to this, the nutrition process occurs not only in the moment but also in the long term and improves with the constant use of the formula.

    The natural elements are complemented by coconut, which has the role of promoting hydration thanks to its great moisturizing power which is also used in hair products or in food supplements.

    moisturizing cream 60 euros dry skin

    Philippe Fortis

    As you can imagine, to exert its moisturizing power, the formula is dense, but it is something that is generally not bothersome for dry skin, but is even appreciated. Despite this, it is not a difficult formula to absorb, but rather settles in quickly. on the skin and it assimilates it in a few minutes. “My pores immediately absorbed the product, so I was aware of what this moisturizer needed,” says one user who has tried it before.

    The immediate results are healthy and luminous skin with a touch of hydration, a look very difficult to achieve on dry skin with cosmetics -leaving aside make-up products, which only create an optical effect that disappears with water-.

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