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The beauty trends that will tread in 2023

The world of beauty is constantly evolving, the products and the ways of applying them are more and more innovative, this generates new trends that invade social networks and the street. appear new haircuts, makeup shapes and even how to take care of your nails, since they are part of the cessential characteristics of the female figure because they reveal fundamental aspects of personality and style.

The haircut trends 2023they come stomping very hard and They dictate that we must return to the origin. Care hair related is strictly based on hydrate it and wear it naturally, without going into the complicated because he seeks to express his own aesthetic, finding the best that everyone has left behind.

Taking into account the beauty trends that are coming in the coming summer, Famous Neuquén stylist, Tamara Codoma, recommends from her fantastic studio, located at 263 9 de Julio Avenue, that women “should never lose their essence, but rather enhance their own style.. If a woman has curly or straight hair, the idea is to work it out and use hair products that highlight those natural, natural features.”

The return to the origin occurs both “in haircuts and in coloring”, but there’s no way to let go the extra long came back to the top and that’s why “natural hair extensions are back, which for a while were out of fashion, but now they’re going to make a splash and we’re going to see super long hair on the streets”, says the specialist.

Also, in the new season, “fresh looks are going to be used which can be achieved through the realization of hairstyles with braids, with water waves, also wear your hair loose and with movements that are part of the unstructured ». Those who like to wear their hair up are a trend “ponytails and chignons, in a simple and natural way”.

Today’s women take great care of themselves, but at the same time the sense of aesthetics and personal care is highly developed, but always from natural parameters. “Now the care is extreme, because there is much more dedication to shampoo, oil, styling cream, taking into account each type of hair »remarks Tamara and adds that this new fashion has changed in recent years since “before, they sought to stand out both with voluminous hairstyles and with much more marked makeup, something that no longer happens today”.

The make-up style that will succeed this summer

just like fashion, cosmetics are reinvented every season and that is why it is important to take care of your skin, in addition to applying makeup according to your own style. In this summer season “They are going to set a trend and more natural faces will be seen on the streets, with essential makeup and a velvety look. Glossy lips and vibrant eyes highlighted by false lashes that are here to stay for a few more years. Simplicity is on its way showing the particularities and beauty of each skin,” says Tamara.

But they will also be fashionable vibrant colors in the eyes to take them as protagonists. To achieve this style we will use “Shadows in vibrant tones, highlighters applied to the tear duct and eyeliner will be great allies. As the focus is on the eyes, the rest of the face should remain natural. Therefore it is recommended that “the lips only wear gloss and the colors only serve to complement”.

The nails that will conquer this season

If we talk about the trend of nail arts for the next summer, in this aspect the natural will also prevail. They will stop using long nails, to find the comfort of wearing them short.

As far as colors will be used Monochromatic manicure in nude and pink tones that “disappear into the skin, as if they were bare hands, which combine with everything and are pure elegance”, remarks Tamara.

But it will also crush very hard the metallic effect nails “to give a sophisticated touch and festive to all looks. “Ideal for events and special occasions, but also for everyday use.”

In addition, the french manicure, one of the most classic, is revisited with multiple variants and colors. But we must not forget the red which is a yes season after season.

With beauty trends it happens like in the world of fashion, new ones are created, those that were already worn in another era come back, or a mixture of both, but the natural is always sought without neglecting the personal aspect without forgetting “our own origin”.


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