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The best masks to hydrate dyed hair and maintain color

  • We select the best masks: They maintain the color of your hair, bring shine and care to your dyed hair

All hair types have special needs, whether it’s oily, dry or prone to frizz. However, Dyed hair needs much more direct and thorough care due to the chemicals in the dyes. A correct routine, in addition to deeply hydrating the hair and protecting it from external aggressions, will also prolong the color much longer.

The right thing to do is to use a shampoo for colored hair with every wash, but the finishing touch with the mask is also essential. They are responsible for adding shine to the hair so that the color is much more vivid, keeps it much longer, deeply moisturizes and nourishes and protects the hair fiber to prevent breakage. Most of these masks contain ingredients of natural origin, such as argan or camellia oil. Both are responsible for providing additional hydration and offering greater resistance to external factors.

It is also important to follow other recommendations and care, such as spacing out the washes as much as possible so as not to lose color, avoiding the use of irons and dryers as much as possible, or not exposing yourself to direct sunlight. . These are small gestures that will keep the color as the first day and also avoid having to go to the hairdresser regularly, with what that implies for the hair and also for the pocket.

For this reason, we have made a selection of five masks for colored hair, available on Amazon at a very affordable price, which will become your allies to protect the color you have chosen as much as possible.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vive Mask


The Elvive Color Vive range from L’Oréal Paris is a classic in the care of colored hair. In this case, it is a protective mask to be used just after a shampoo suitable for bleached hair. It is responsible for intensely nourishing without weighing down the hair thanks to a formula with cationic agents. In addition, It incorporates UV filters that protect the hair from external agents, such as the sun’s rays or pollution. It also helps keep the color alive for much longer.

It should be used with every wash, apply from mid-lengths to ends, focusing on the last part of the hair, and leave on for two or three minutes. Then, it must be rinsed with plenty of water. The product has a gel texture that completely melts into the hair for easy spreading. With continued use, you will notice visible results in a very short time, as well as much brighter, brighter and caring color.

L’Oreal Paris Vitamino Color Mask

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The Vitamino Color mask, also from L’Oréal Paris, is formulated to repair colored or highlighted hair. It comes in a handy 250 milliliter container, which is much more durable and delivers superior performance. A little curiosity, the packaging is made of 95% recycled and recyclable plastic. It should be applied evenly to previously washed and towel-dried hair, leave on for a minute and rinse thoroughly.

With a simple application of a small amount of product, this mask envelops the most damaged areas in a light film to protect them from the most frequent aggressions of daily life. Plus, hair is up to 94% more resistant to breakage. The key ingredient is resveratrol, a substance that protects cells against free radicals. Moreover, it also incorporates the co-emulsion technology, which is responsible for leaving the hair completely light and soft.

Tahe Botanic mask for colored hair


Argan oil, a substance rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid, is one of the main ingredients of this Tahe mask, along with rice proteins. It also contains poppy oil – rich in natural fatty acids – and rosewood oil – rich in linalool. This combination revitalizes the hair fiber, offers natural protection to the hair and provides deep nutrition.

It can be purchased in a handy 700 milliliter container, which lasts for many washes. In each of them, a small amount of product should be applied – equivalent to a walnut or two, approximately – on washed and lightly towel-dried hair. You must brush to distribute all the product, leave on for two or three minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Biology Volume and Shine Mask


This mask is Pantene Pro-V’s Hair Biology Volume and Shine. It is formulated with a mixture of nutrients able to cover the biological needs of each type of hair at any age, although it affects dyed hair. Among its main ingredients are lotus flower and omega 9, as well as a mixture of active nutrients responsible for giving volume and shine to the weakest hair.

It is designed to protect your hair from damage caused by chemicals, hair dryers and flat irons, as well as tight hairstyles. In addition, It does not contain parabens, dyes or mineral oils that can damage hair. This mask should be applied to the ends with wet hair, leave on for two minutes and rinse thoroughly. To get visible results, the brand recommends applying it between once and twice a week.


If you are looking for an intensive formula that prevents colored hair from fading, this Revlon Professional mask is the perfect option for you. It is formulated for dyed or highlighted hair and its purpose is to keep the color shiny for longer.. At the same time, it also ensures that the hair feels much softer to the touch.

It stands out above all for the technology that allows you to obtain professional results. Color Defend technology prevents fading, while anti-wear agents cover areas most likely to fade quickly. It should be used right after shampooing on mid-lengths and ends, leave on for three to five minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

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