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The best remedies to lighten your hair naturally and effectively

For lighten hair you don’t need to resort to chemical dyes or discolorations. Instead, you can use natural ingredients which are very effective, the results of which can be truly amazing. For this reason, we now want to offer you the best remedies to lighten your hair naturally and effectively, bet above all on a mixture that will seem completely surprising to you.

Naturally lightens hair

Women, and many men too, like to have the the hair always in order and for this reason they usually resort to chemical dyes to adjust or modify the color. However, those ingredients that hair lightening products are made of are often aggressive for the scalp and damage the hair in the long term.

It happens as often as Some products cause allergies. Next, If there was a natural way to lighten hair, wouldn’t it be better?

There are many home beauty hair lightening recipes that can be easily prepared at home. You don’t even have to go to the hairdresser. However, it must be said that being natural productsthe effect won’t last but neither will the dyes we buy so they can be a healthier and healthier solution for our scalp and all hair.

Also think that the result always depends on the base color of the hair. If black or brown colored parts are difficult to lighten in the same way as blond or in fact previously bleached hair.

The ingredients you should use

Among the best ingredients available to lighten your hair you have the plant

For example the Cassia plant, turmeric, chamomile, cinnamon, lemon, honey and even beer.

However, it is essential know the recipes with these ingredients and the correct procedures for using them correctly.

In addition, several different methods and ingredients can be used lighten hair. To use cassia, just go to a herbalist and ask for neutral henna.

So it can be used alone or combined with other herbs such as chamomile or rhubarb. In addition to lightening the hair, it strengthens it and makes it shinier.

To create the mixture, you need hot water and cassia powder. You will need to put the same proportions in a bowl when pouring hot water till it breaks melts and the mixture reaches the consistency of yogurt.

Once you’re ready, apply it on dry hair then keep it on for an hour using a cap or the film stretched over the hair.

After the necessary timerinse hair and wash regularly with delicate products to maintain the brightening effect. Then repeat the operation every month.

The turmeric can be used instead by dissolving it in hot water and allowing it to cool then apply it on dry hair.

will have to stay 20 to 120 minutes depending on the desired effect. But be careful not to leave it too long, otherwise you risk getting a yellow color.

put some plastic wrap on the head to enhance the effect, or even a hat. The application would be repeated monthly.

The chamomileInstead, it is used by boiling water and infusing the sachets or dried flowers, then covering them with a plate. Allow to cool then the solution is poured on the hair which can be left to dry in the sun for better effect. Alternatively, the infusion can also be put in a spray bottle and then sprayed on the length of the hair.

The lemon can work just as well. Merely squeeze the fresh juice and dilute it in water. It must then be applied to all of the hair and Leave to act for 30 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, rinse with plenty of water and apply the conditioner. Rinse again and let your hair dry naturally.

The Honey can help lighten hair like others. Need three teaspoons of acacia or wildflower honey and 2 tablespoons of neutral hair conditioner. Mix the two ingredients and spread the mixture on the hair as if it were a restructuring mask, leaving it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse well then let your hair dry.

With the cinnamoninstead you need neutral conditioner, honey and cinnamon powder. Combine everything in a bowl and mix well. The mixture is then applied to the hair and a cap is placed over it. It should stay in place for a few hours or even overnight.

The Rhubarb it is also useful to clarify, you need hot water and rhubarb powder. Mix everything and get married for a few minutes. Finally, it is applied to the hair for 30 minutes or 2 hours and covered with a hat.

Finally, you can also use beer, which is an excellent lightener. You’ll have to a blond beer to pour into a container and put the hair inside. Otherwise it can be used in all lengths by pouring it from the top. You should leave it on your hair for an hour and then wash your hair. This step should be repeated weekly.

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