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The best tips for cleaning your kitchen and keeping it always shiny

From time to time it is recommended deep clean your homebut above all, kitchenthe room in which we cook and even eat.

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that gets dirty and filled with grease right away, so it is essential to make a deep cleaning and keep it clean daily by our safety and hygiene.

Being one of the most expensive tasks, at we give you The best tips to make this job easier and make it effective. If you want to show off your kitchen, keep reading for the best tips!

How to properly clean the kitchen step by step?

Clean the kitchen basically assumes the complete cleaning of the roomincluding wall tiles, interior and exterior furniture, hood and stove, and appliances!

How are the different parts to consider for a bright kitchenwe are going to list the most important and general ones to offer you the most effective and simple tricks.

Take note!

1. Collect and store

The first step to start cleaning your kitchen properly is put order in the roomso that any utensils you have on the counter or in the dishwasher should be put in their place to clean the area that we want to clean

After this step, gather all the products you will need to clean the kitchenamong them, you cannot miss: degreasers, cloths, products for wooden surfaces, stainless steel or vitroceramic hotplates, dishwasher, scouring sponge, multi-purpose brush, etc. In the last section, we recommend the most essential!

2. Eliminate fat

Once your kitchen has been recovered, the ideal is that with the help of a degreasing product, spray all the corners where grease accumulates, as well as the stove, ceramic hob and hood.

This way you will soften the grease and when you pass the cloth it will not be difficult for you to descale it.

clean the kitchen

3. Rotate the device

The key to making this step as pleasant as possible is to make sure your electrical appliances never reach accumulate dirt and become encrusted. Ideally, you should do daily or weekly maintenance, depending on the device and how you use it, so that when you need to do it all the way, you don’t just spend half a day on it.

And at we have also thought of collecting the best stuff for clean the ovenfor clean the dishwasher and the most useful tips for having a sparkling microwave.

Get them all and save time!

4. Clean cabinets

While the grease softens with the appropriate product, you can start cleaning in other corners so you don’t waste time. For example, you can start empty the cupboards and leave utensils in another room to prevent them from getting dirty.

Use a special product for wooden furniture and a microfiber cloth to absorb as much dust or dirt as may be embedded in the wood.

Once the interior is ready, you can clean the exterior in the same way and leave doors open for ventilation before introducing utensils, dishes or what you keep inside.

5. Remove grease from surfaces

Don’t forget the oiliest parts! Since they will have stayed wet with the right product for a long time, you can degrease easily with a kitchen towelalthough if you see that the dirt is very encrusted you can use the multi-purpose brush to remove it completely.

Once the degreaser has been removed, clean any residue left on the surface with a dishwasher or rinse aid (depending on the surface).

clean the kitchen 2

5. Polish the tiles

At least once or twice a year you should re-tiling your kitchen to eliminate the fat that accumulates during cooking.

For this you can get a electric or manual toothbrush to make it easier for you and use a specific product to polish the surfacealthough if you don’t have it, you can apply warm water and white vinegaryou will notice how they shine!

6. Impeccable counter

To clean the enzyme, you must be very aware of the material it is made of, because A wooden one does not have the same care as one made of porcelain, granite or stainless steel.

So, the best thing you can use for any counter is neutral soap And, above all, forget the sponge, we recommend using a traditional cloth, you will prevent the surface from scratching and it will always look like new!

clean the kitchen 5

7. Sweep and wash, for the end!

The last step to make your kitchen spotless will be sweep and wash the floor. As a deep cleaning, we recommend removing chairs, tables, rugs and any baseboards you may have to cover the bottom of furniture, as well as the fridge and freezer.

This way you won’t accumulate large amounts of dirt and you will always keep the floor clean. obtain a specific product for cleaning the floorwhich provides a good smell, disinfects the surface and adds shine.

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