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The best treatments to get deep hydration in your hair

Over the years, summers, different dyes or treatments we use have a ‘pelazo’ and the heating tools that we use for different hairstyles, our hair deteriorates and it is very common for it to dry out and look duller and more brittle.

And although in summer we manage to see ourselves more favored thanks to the tan of our skin or the hated dark circles that disappear thanks to our (well-deserved) holidays, is one of the most important moments in terms of care of our skin and hairso that it does not suffer more than necessary.

The hydration care are the safe bet to return to our hair which candy Yes brightness which sometimes disappears.

However, we don’t always have the time or the means to treat ourselves to a hairdressing treatment, and that’s why we wanted to bring together the best treatments to deeply moisturize the hair, of the House and with very simple steps that you can integrate into your daily routineso that this summer you do not leave your hair neglected.

From oils to shampoos regenerators, these are the best techniques for moisturizing any type of hair.

Find your ideal oil


Hair oils are the perfect ally for those who usually have dry hair (and even more in summer).

Of the coconut, argan tree That is almonds they are the ones that work best and can be applied in different ways.

Before or after washing the ends or all over the hair as a night mask.

Specifically this brand Revlon It is a hair repairer that contains 100% natural ingredients that, in addition, also fight frizz.

The complete treatment


It was last summer that we could see how much it was the star product of all the “influencers”.

A treatment from expert luxury hair care brand ICON that locks moisture into the hair to feed him and hydrate it and who triumphed again in 2022.

And it is not for less, because this range contains three perfect products to use together or separately and how you want to fit it into your routine.

mask once a week


Masks are one of the fundamental and most useful steps to moisturize your hair.

That is bought That is home made (which can be made with avocado or egg, for example), apply a mask weekly and you will soon notice the changes.

If you prefer to buy one, this is a very good option. Of the brand moroccan oilis a hair conditioning treatment that renews the hair in 5 to 7 minutes.

Protect your hair from the sun


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If it is important to protect our skin from the sun (and even more now in summer), we must also take into account the protection of our hair, which can also be very damaged or tangled.

This jet of Freshly Cosmetics combines six plant technologies thanks to which we will get a hair in good health, strong, glittering Yes silky.

More tips to take care of your hair this summer

  1. Change the shampoo usual for one more moisturizing because chlorine, the sun and sea salt dehydrate the hair.
  2. Clarify hair with Cold waterbecause it improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate the day’s waste and provides extra shine.
  3. cut the ends (about five centimeters) and clean the hair to strengthen it. This way you will prevent them from opening with the sun, chlorine or beach salt.


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