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The brush to create the “clean look” costs less than 8 euros

    This summer the clean look, that it is no longer just a wash off face makeup, it has saved us from many situations. This hairstyle is based on a clean and minimalist aesthetic that leaves aside all excess. It basically consists of arches and mats in which the root zone is particularly well worked so that it is completely smooth, a task that can be complicated, given that the head is not flat.

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    The trend was popularized by models like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. Three of the most current aesthetic references have come together catapult to virality a hairstyle that, although easy to do, has its secrets to make it perfect. The good reception of this see it probably has to do with how quickly it was executed. And perhaps also with the possibility that it offers to space hair washing one more day, obtaining an optimal appearance. Thus, it becomes an effective alternative to dry shampoo.

    And what are these keys that allow us to recreate the hairstyles of three of the most famous models in the world? The first thing is to work with the right tool. To ensure that all hairs, even newly born ones, are glued to the head in an orderly fashion, a backcombing brush should be used. This tool is designed in an elongated way, which allows us to cover a large amount of hair. POn the other hand, its many hairs, firm and thick, will place each hair in its place as it passes..

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    The first thing we have to do is make the ponytail, placing it at the height we estimate. When you already have the hair positioned with your fingers in a general way, before attaching it, we will pass the crepe brush insisting on the area in front. To achieve a more shiny appearance, at this stage we can apply a little hair gel diluted in water to avoid the stiff effect. It can also be replaced by a care product such as a serum (here is a selection of the best hair serums and oils), but in this case you will have to be careful with the quantity so that the hair does not appear greasy.




    Once we’ve polished the entire frontal area, it’s time to tie the ponytail, the decisive moment. When we use traditional scrunchies, that’s when the hated ones usually come in. buns by changing the tension we put on the hair with our hands. To prevent this from happening, replace the circular scrunchies with those usually used in hairdressing: a rubber whose ends end in a metal hook. With this system, imperfections will be much less likely to appear.

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    To place these darlings, we will hook one of the metal pieces at the beginning of the ponytail, and we will go around it with the elastic. When we have the desired fixing, we will fix the other end with the metal hook, in the same way as we did with the first. To give the touch of grace, we can correct the areas of the hairline that have been exposed by applying a little shadow with a precise brush with eyes the color of your hair. Do it in a concrete way and control very well the quantity of product that you put so that the result is natural.

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