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The collagen treatment to resuscitate even the most damaged hair

The two external factors that damage our hair fiber the most are chemical treatments and temperature, i.e. dyes, highlights, permanent straighteners, flat irons, curling irons, dryers, etc. To look great, we subject our hair to constant aggression, so it is vital to give it the necessary care to keep it healthy and strong.

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The alterations that occur as a result of this damage make our hair more brittle and dry, and it is necessary seek professional help to restore health and radiance without having to cut your losses.

In StoresIN We put ourselves in the expert hands of TBC Hair and tried their collagen treatment. that, we have already anticipated you (alert spoilers), we liked it.

Why is it?

This treatment is indicated to revitalize, strengthen and illuminate the hair, as explained by Juan, TBC stylist. Collagen provides deep hydration that reverses hair damage, nourishes and fills the hair fiber from within.

Thanks to its high technology of intelligent biofunctional active ingredients provides hydration and nutrition, obtaining hair with greater elasticity, shine and fullness. Additionally, collagen has qualities that aid hair fiber recovery, functioning as connective tissue and preventing breakage and loss.

Step by step

The treatment starts with a personalized diagnosis carried out by the stylist. In our case, Juan decided that since his hair was quite damaged after the summer, in addition to the collagen, he was going to add Olaplex for extra care.

At TBC Hair they have a specific treatment from the firm Olaplex that acts from the inside of the hair thanks to a patented ingredient (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate) that restores the hair fiber thanks to a set of proteins and perfect amino acids to repair the hair. .

After this diagnosis we move on to the next step: wash the hair and apply the collagen treatment. Juan tells me that normally the treatment is done in the dressing table but in this case, since we also use Olaplex, which is more liquid, we do it in the head wash. By the way, the one from TBC is very comfortable and has a massage chair, so I have no complaints.

With the care applied from the middle to the ends, and after a massage so that the product penetrates well, dry heat is applied for about 20 minutes while, on a pleasant background music, they served us a delicious coffee accompanied by cakes and sandwiches. A real moment of pleasure at the hairdresser.

And we come to the last stage of the treatment: the styling. Again, Juan wisely suggests drying the hair with flat iron waves to make it last longer to counter the rainy and very humid day.

The duration of the treatment is about 90 minutes and we can show beautiful hair for about a month.

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Benefits of Collagen Treatment

Collagen is a protein present in our body, it is an important part of the hair structure and is responsible for giving it more strength, firmness, elasticity and softness.

  • Fight external aggressions
  • delays aging
  • Reduce split ends
  • Helps prevent breakage
  • Brings shine and luminosity

What did we notice?

As soon as I finished the treatment, I notice that my hair is much stronger and fuller, thicker. Already while I was combing it to detangle my hair, we noticed that it flowed much more easily and without pulling.

Once dry, the result is a much shinier hair, with movement and less frizz (the weather these days helped us verify this) and, in addition, it lasts longer.

Juan also recommends an at-home heat protectant, both wet and dry, before using the dryer or iron. In this way, we can prolong the benefits of the treatment throughout the month.

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