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The courtyard of the Diputación de Sevilla brings together the province’s emblematic gastronomic products

Bread, oil and olives, three reference products in our tradition and food culture. A trio of aces from our kitchen. And also, at this fair, organic products, in general, are increasingly demanded by consumers,” Villalobos said of these fairs. Some products – he pointed out – “which reflect, to a large extent, the importance of the agricultural sector in Seville, which contributes around 20% of the regional total. At this point, he alluded to the geographical mark ‘Sabores de la Provincia de Sevilla’, promoted by Prodetur to promote the local agri-food industry, therefore linked, in turn, to gastronomy.

Seville is among the four main Andalusian provinces in the production of oil in the mills, with Cordoba and Granada, and with Jaén as its leader. In the case of the province of Seville, with a forecast of 90,000 tons, the current 2022-2023 campaign registers a drop of around 35% due to the drought. “A product that, due to its quality and relevance, we promote every year with the awards for the best oils made in the province.”

In addition, Seville is the first Andalusian province in the production of table olives, the region being the main producer and exporter nationally. “In other words, the olive is, without a doubt, the green gold of our Sevillian land.” Regarding this product, the President of the Provincial Council appreciated that the Manzanilla and Gordal olives from Seville already have a protected geographical indication. “The PGI helps to protect the origin of its production and to revalorize our table olives as a quality product.”

Regarding bread, he pointed out that its preparation has important roots throughout the province, “examples like Alcalá de Guadaíra are enough, with an important baking culture, which has earned it the nickname of Alcalá de los Panaderos “. Regarding organic products, half of the area of ​​these crops in Spain (about 48%) is in Andalusia, according to data analyzed by the Ecovalia association. Within the province it is the Sierra Morena Sevillana region, with just over 60,000 hectares, the area with the largest ecological zone.

Around 40 exhibitors, annual awards ceremony for the best EVOOs

A total of 37 exhibitors (including agri-food companies, cooperatives, organic farms and orchards, as well as entities related to the sector), participate in this double fair with products for sale. The offer of the show is completed by an entertainment program including presentations of the flagship products, tastings and live cooking demonstrations.

In addition, on Saturday, at 12:00 p.m., the annual Provincial Council awards ceremony was held for the best oils in the territory, in its three modalities: “Best extra virgin olive oil in the province”, which this year celebrates its 24th edition; the “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Sierras”, which has accumulated 14 editions, and the “Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, which the provincial institution constituted last year.

As for the presentations, these will be dedicated to the main products of the event, such as olives, which will be supported by the IGP Manzanilla y Gordal de Sevilla; or like those of bread, by FEPAN (Association of Bread Makers of Seville and Province).

Live cooking arrived this Sunday from the hand of chef and communicator Enrique Sánchez and the ECOVALIA association; and the Arahalense chef Luis Portillo, in collaboration with the IGP Aceituna Manzanilla and Gordal de Sevilla.

Also on Sunday, and as in previous “Tastes of the Province of Seville” product fairs, there will be a free tasting of a dish representative of a municipality in Seville. On this occasion, the capital will be Cazalla de la Sierra, which will offer, through the Corsevilla cooperative, a tasting of “Leg and chops of lamb from the Sierra Morena Sevillana”.


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