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The easy hairstyle trick to get relaxed waves in record time

In recent weeks, our focus has shifted to hair care. The arrival of fall hits hair hard and it’s time to pamper it, either with supplements to prevent hair loss or with biotin-free or sulfate-free shampoos.

But the
mane care, is also installed when styling. So much so that we look forward to a way to have a beautiful hairstyle, but at the same time that does not damage the hair. For this reason, wet hairstyles appear accompanied by many nourishing serums or the classic natural zero waves.

We’re going to be talking about waves today, but not just any type, but one of the most sought after: light, wavy, natural waves. A hairstyle that has more and more addicts because it gives a fresh, versatile and carefree image. Among some of the influencers who always bet on this type of hairstyle, María Pombo.

influencer With more than 2 million followers on social networks, it is clear that one of her star hairstyles is subtly marked with waves. And there is no shortage of reasons for Maria since she is
one of the most requested hairstyles in beauty salons.

Thanks to
Jen Barreiro ( @jen_barreiro), stylist and professional makeup artist, we were able to learn firsthand how María Pombo’s favorite waves are made. The stylist was present in one of the productions of the last campaign of
Name the brandthe influencer’s Spanish fashion brand.

On production, Jen did the hair and makeup for all the models, including Maria. Barreiro tells us first-hand how those relaxed (and sought-after!) waves are achieved with just two styling tools and two products to protect and maintain the hair.

“The first thing is
give volume to the entire upper part of the head and the bangs using a dryer and a hair product applied to the roots. Thanks to this spray, you get more volume (without being overdone) and “peel” the hair a little from the root”, explains Jen.

For the rest of the hairstyle, the stylist and make-up artist wanted to “respect the texture of María Pombo’s hair”. Then, to achieve this wave simulation, the shape of the influencer’s natural hair was ironed in, but something more polished.

To complete Maria’s fresh and youthful hairstyle process, Jen applied “a serum to lock in the ends and give the entire hair a smoother touch.” In order for you to recreate this very natural hairstyle, we have collected some of the products used by Jen in the process. Take note!

GHD Helios professional hair dryer. /


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Ghd Helios Professional Dryer. It’s a blow dryer that cuts down on drying time and adds volume to the roots like Jen did in Maria’s hairdo. It is a white dryer with copper details and a very light design.

Ghd unplugged hair straightener. /


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Ghd unplugged hair straightener.It is a cordless iron, very comfortable and which allows to obtain shiny hair at 65%. It is lightweight, has a constant temperature of 185°C from root to tip and features advanced Dual-zone technology.

Ghd Pick Me Up Volume Spray /


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ghd pick me up vaporizer volume It is a spray that adds volume to the hair and helps lift the roots creating spectacular hairstyles. It is perfect for fine hair and allows you to enhance straightened hairstyles that have lost some strength.

Ghd Dramatic Ending Serum. /


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Ghd Dramatic Ending Serum. It is a spray that allows you to give a more professional finish to the hairstyle. Provides instant shine, prevents cuticle damage and also protects hair from hot tools.


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