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The Fair of Samples of Typical Products and Crafts of Sierra Morena exceeds a quarter of a century as number one in the province

The Fair, whose head office is Sevillian town of El Pedroso, to offer hospitality and rural charm, a succulent and powerful gastronomy, the heritage beauty and the quality work of its craftsmen, as well as leisure and culture. In its twenty-sixth edition, it will be held from December 6 to 11, one day more than in previous years, as a novelty after the absence and uncertainties of the past two years, a consequence of the protocols of the health pandemic.

The Mayor of Pedro Juan Manuel Alejowho today visited the Provincial Council of Seville accompanied by city councilors, to present together with the President Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos and the Vice President of Prodetur, Manuela Cabello, the poster and the programming of this activity; defined the initial objective: “to make known the indigenous resources of the region, its businesses and its tourist possibilities”.

“We have come from two bad years, due to the pandemic situation, but this year we can say with full mouth that we have all the stands, 137, as before, located along the exhibition route, distributed in the streets of Pedrosa, the Mercado de Abastos, the fairgrounds and the sports pavilion, and also many other businesses, which we try to accommodate,” said the mayor.

Alejo also meant two of the novelties of this edition. “In addition to the support of the Diputación, we have the sponsorship of Prodetur, which has included the Fair in the extraordinary call for the promotion of tourism in the province of Seville, under the brand ‘Turismo de la Provincia de Sevilla’, and has added to the 180,000 euros of the municipal budget another 75,000. In addition, also as a novelty, there will be “someone” who will hang around the Fair, that is Bellotín, an acorn that becomes our mascot, to represent the product flagship food of the Fair”.

Opening on December 6

For the President of the Provincial Council, this Fair “It’s already a classic and the fact that in these twenty-six years 2.5 million visitors have passed This says a lot about the creativity, the illusion, the initiative of a small town, nestled in the Sierra Morena, which manages to be a pole of attraction for tourism and not only for its town and its region, but also for the event. It has already spread even outside the province of Seville”.

“This initiative, which was born in a humble way, has become a pole of attraction and which generates and moves the local and regional economy. The Provincial Council is in this case as it should be, with its city, with its inhabitants, with its mayors and mayors so that in the end, together, add up. Because this sum of additions in the end gives good results, so that tourism is currently a very important part of our economic development, “said Villalobos .

In this sense, the mayor has also had an impact, managing a forecast economic impact of more than one million euros and around 70,000 visits over the six days of this twenty-sixth edition. “For many companies, the Fair saves almost the whole year.”

Juan Manuel Alejo ends with a call. “With six days and so many offers, no one can have an excuse not to come to the El Pedroso Fair. We have trains, we have buses, we have all the means. And we are going to have activities during the six days from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., with a city that becomes a whole party”.

The Fair of samples of typical products and crafts of Sierra Morena Sevillana opens on December 6 at 11:00 a.m. The exhibition space has 1,200 square meters of the municipal pavilion located in the exhibition center, in the upper part of the sports center, which brings together 53 crafts and gastronomy exhibitors. With 1,000 m² of the Plaza de Abastos, which houses the 26 stalls of producers of Sierra Morena Sevillana. With 1,600 m² of exhibition space, with 38 craft and gastronomic stands. And with 2,500 m² dedicated to the leisure area. In addition, 20 street food and local craft outlets, as well as bars and restaurants to enjoy the local gastronomy.

The number of parking spaces available to visitors is more than 3,300, distributed between the existing embankment in front of the Renfe station, the large plot in front of the Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. del Espino, the large esplanade located 50 meters from the exhibition center and the site of the old cork factory. The town hall co-finances special daily buses and trains from Seville which, together with the daily supply of trains, make more than 3,000 places available to those interested in visiting the fair by these means. Reservation of places at the telephone number 619921432

Activities during the fair

  • Gastronomic exhibition of game products, sausages, hams, cheeses, oils, honeys, sweets, anise, musts and aromatic and condiment plants.
  • Handicrafts exhibition with pottery, handicrafts, embroidery, leather work, antler crafts, paintings There are also neighbors who wanted to show their handicrafts like paintings, handicrafts, soaps, costume jewelry or embroidery.
  • Visit to the Church of Consolación and historical and cultural heritage, with an Immaculate Conception attributed to Martínez Montañés, among other heritage gems. Visits are organized from the tourist information point, next to the town hall.
  • Visit the Museum of Mining and the History of Writing at the Escuelas Nuevas Cultural Center, to learn about mining in the municipality, the history of writing, the collection of all Planeta Literature Awards and the building itself, emblematic attributed to Aníbal González. Visits are organized from the tourist information point, next to the town hall.
  • Exhibition of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Stmo brotherhood. Cristo de la Misericordia and los Dolores, with singular and historical pieces and objects.
  • House Museum of ancient customs, where you can discover an old rural house with the customs of the land, its decoration, etc.
  • Art exhibition “Théa’s gaze”. The artist captures in his figures the vision of the human being in general and of the woman in particular. Atelier R. Rodríguez, ceramics, crafts and exhibition.
  • Leisure area: jumps or creation of an obstacle course.
  • Raptors: show of owls, barn owls, kestrels, hawks, eagles, vultures, with explanations of their habits and customs and daily flight. Canine Rescue, two daily shows from the Canine Restate Alpesa Unit.
  • ASNADIS Antiques flea market, for charity, where you can find everything from homemade candy to original crafts by members of the Association.
  • Tour of the city in a pneumatic train and street performances.
  • Exhibition “The invisible tasks of rural women”: making visible and recognizing the role of women in the family economy and in the society of our cities.
  • Living nativity scene, organized by the Parish as part of a donation of 1 euro for the restoration of the Tabernacle. Visit to the bell tower of the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Consolación, as part of a donation with the same objective Parish crib and mystery contest. Small Museum of Torrejón, a journey through time through this exhibition of antiques by Antonio Torrejón.
  • Hot air balloon: each day of the exhibition, I return captive for two hours to see the town from an aerial view.


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