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the fashionable low-cost facelift

Cosmetics offers us an infinity of products intended to delay the passage of years on our skin. However, aging is inevitable and one of the first signs is sagging. Before its appearance, aesthetic medicine can be used to treat it, but not everyone is a fan of undergoing treatments of this type. Fortunately, there is now a much less invasive system to instantly remove a few years from the appearance of our face. We are talking about disposable tension wires.

Thread lifts have long been one of the flagship treatments in beauty salons. It involves inserting threads with hyaluronic acid under the skin to obtain a lifting and get that ripped look that so many women dream of having. But this aesthetic change involves going through the operating room and a significant budgetary investment. the alternative low cost are the traction threads to use and throw with which one can temporarily achieve similar results.

The system is very simple, it is a series of firming stickers to fight sagging and wrinkles. Although its cost is very low, the celebrities They have also been added to its use for its convenience and speed. Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga or Bella Hadid are just a few examples of VIPs who managed to gouge out their eyes without having to resort to surgery.

If you have a special event coming up and want to see yourself with smooth, wrinkle-free skin for a day, facelifts are a perfect solution. From THE OBJECTIVE we show you all the details so you can get a perfect result without leaving home.

This is how disposable tension wires are

As its name suggests, we are faced with strong and resistant threads that stick to the face using special patches. These stickers They are located in certain areas of the skin, depending on individual needs. In this way they can be placed in the area of ​​​​the temples, sideburns, at the end of the ear or on the neck.

The tension threads are placed in strategic places on the face or neck. (Source: Cosmedica)

Using these disposable wires is a completely painless system and experts recommend it for those special occasions when we want to show our best face. Another of their characteristics is that they are temporary. It depends on the chosen product, but it is generally recommended use them for a maximum of eight hours. If they are kept longer, we may notice discomfort or irritation of the skin.

It is a very quick procedure that offers immediate results. In addition they go completely unnoticed because they can be hidden without any problem with hair or makeup. You’ve probably seen a few celebrities on the red carpet with this little secret and you didn’t notice.

If you think it’s something new… you’re wrong. One of the pioneers in the use of these adhesive systems was Carmen Sevilla herself, who already in the 1990s used adhesive tape on television to hide the flaccidity of her neck. Moreover, these express stretches are frequent in drag queens from all over the planet to achieve a smoother and more refined face.

How are they used?

The first thing we will have to do is choose in which areas we want to put the tension threads to know the position in which we must glue them and avoid a result that is too artificial. The most common places are the neck, temples or under the cheekbones. It is also a good option on the forehead to prevent frown lines with a botox effect.

Placement of temporary tensor threads.  (Source: Aliexpress)
Placement of temporary tensor threads. (Source: Aliexpress)

Once you have chosen your situation, we will proceed to a facial cleansing to leave the face free of an iota of dirt or oil which may prevent the adhesive from sticking perfectly. There are some tricks to improve the adhesive, like using eyelash glue. Then, we thread the tension threads on the sticker and place them at the strategic point that we have decided.

Once the tension wires are placed, we proceed to hide them as much as possible so that they become invisible. Experts recommend gluing them with the collected hair, then loosening them and placing them on top of the wires. The option of hiding them under the mane is the most common and easiest.

The adhesives of the threads are transparent but you can also choose wear makeup on stickers for an even more natural result. You can even take the opportunity to make a to put on makeup which improves the torn look, achieving the effect sly eyes which is an absolute trend in makeup.

‘Low cost’ tensor threads

tension wires these are not products that have a high price and they can be found on online sales platforms such as Amazon or AliExpress, as well as in centers specializing in cosmetics or make-up products.

The Wundertape firm offers stickers that are specialized in the fight against droopy eyelids. These are adhesive tapes that make it possible to obtain a lifting to make the eyes look bigger and rounder. It is breathable and waterproof yarn and you can make up on it. Its recommended duration reaches up to 24 hours and comes in different sizes to fit every look.

Wundertape Eyelid Clamp Threads.  MSRP: €10.99 (144 units)
Wundertape Eyelid Clamp Threads. MSRP: €10.99 (144 units)

On Amazon you can find different tension wire products. Among them stands out the kit that contains, in addition to threads, cosmetics with vegetable ingredients that provide the skin with all the nutrition it needs to achieve a healthy appearance. Silk threads contain active collagen and multiple active peptide ingredients which can repair skin problems and increase its hydration. The result is a smoother, brighter face.

Moreover, these golden threads are not exclusive to the face, they can also be used in other parts of the body, such as the neck and the forehead. They can use it for both women and men and suitable for all skin types.

Bundle of protein threads for sale on Amazon.  Recommended retail price: €15.49
Bundle of protein threads for sale on Amazon. Recommended retail price: €15.49

Nitaiun offers breathable adhesives that can be used, in a very simple way, both on the face and on the neck. They are totally invisible, waterproof and flexible, so they can last all day intact, achieving an instant face and neck lift. They are very easy to use, just put their adhesive side on two areas of the skin so that it is taut and a firming effect is obtained.

Nitaiun Adhesive Face Patches.  MSRP: €6.99 (200 units)
Nitaiun Adhesive Face Patches. MSRP: €6.99 (200 units)

professional sons

Beauty sets the trend and this season one of the most important are the straight, bushy, natural brows with minimal diagonal lift. To achieve this, surgical threads are the perfect method.

Among the different options that we can find, the Silhouette Soft threads by Sinclair stand out. They are perfect for lifting drooping eyebrows and the result avoid excessive and artificial angles. Dr. Carmen Ayestarán, expert of the firm, explains to us what the technique consists of: “In this case, it is enough to use a wire for each eyebrow. The entry point should be at the tail of the eyebrow – where it is also perfectly camouflaged – and the anchor, at the desired height, always in search of naturalness, hidden by the hairline.

Result of using Sinclair Silhouette Soft Lifting Threads
Result of using Sinclair Silhouette Soft Lifting Threads

The result is completely natural, quite the opposite of other threads which can become transparent through the skin. In addition, its cones grip the tissue so that the results are immediate and thus achieve greater traction and the desired eyebrow shape.

After a while, the body produces a total reabsorption of these threads and there is no trace of them. Its results last about two years and are absolutely natural since no type of artificial stretching of the skin is enjoyed. The only point where you have to be careful is in cases where there is excess skin in the eyelid area.

It’s up to you to turn to the professionals or opt for the cheapest version and try at home what your face would look like after going through the operating room.

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