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The “gummies of the future” are Galician, suitable for diabetics, vegans and with vitamins

Sugar free, allergen free, low calorie, suitable for diabetics and vegans. This is how the “jelly beans of the future” are born in Chile with a Galician seal. The brand miniatures was born in 2012 as an “innovative” proposal that led the sale of bulk sweets in Chile. “The concept of selling jellies as we have always known it did not exist here“explains one of the brand managers. Galician mercedes toscano Yes Jorge Nunezrespectively born in Viveiro and Ourense, while living in Chile, detected a market opportunity which, added to their desire to undertake, led them to export the classic sweets from Spain and sell them in bulk.

This model was very well received and ran very successfully until 2017, when a child obesity law which directly affected the company. The entrepreneurial couple were forced to reinvent themselves and adapt by creating sugar free candy. Thus was born the line freaked out of Mininolas, made in Spain and with “50% less calories than a classic candy”Explain mercedes toscano.

Flipa sweets are aimed at children and come in five varieties: fruits, emojis, fish, worms and bears. Additionally, they also have a vegan line with crystallized sweetener coating and biodegradable packaging. From the brand they defend that their products are characterized by being low in calories, allergen-free, suitable for diabetics with natural flavors.

In 2019 the couple returned to Galicia and settled in Nigrán, bringing with it the sugar-free gums and offer them for sale through distributors, online shops and pharmacies. Currently, in addition to selling in Spain, the Galician brand continues to sell its sweets in Chiliin department stores like walmart That is Cencosudand in countries like Portugal, Italy That is Peru. “The return to Spain was a handicap because here the gummies market is very mature and there are already big brandsthat’s why we try to focus on more specialized stores,” explains the manager.

The new “vitamin gummies”

After a decade of experience in the confectionery sector and in their search for constant evolution, the creators of the Mininolas brand have recently launched the Vitanolas, a new range of vitamin gummies. Toscano explains that it’s a series of candies that “are healthcare compliant and noticeable in the body because they provide you with 50% of the vitamins you need throughout the day.” The couple of entrepreneurs decided to specialize in this type of product because “It’s the future, people are taking more and more care of themselves, especially the new generations”he rocks.

With the aim of offering a product for all audiences, the new line of sweets has six different varieties of candies depending on the vitamins they contain. Among the different alternatives you can find vitanols with hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10, vitamin B6, vitamin C That is collagen, among others. Plus, following the same features as the Flipa line, they’re also sugar-free, allergen-free, diabetic-friendly, with vegan options, and don’t cause cavities, according to their defense.

So far, in Toscano’s words, the most popular Vitanolas are the Nails and Hair variety, which are vegan, have a high concentration of biotin, have a raspberry flavor and are intended to strengthen hair and nails. Currently, the couple of entrepreneurs are trying to promote this new product locally and in Vigo it can already be found in the Arenal Perfumeries. Additionally, they can also be purchased through their Online Store for a price between 11.95 and 12.95 euros.

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