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The haircuts that look best at 30, 40 and 50

There are haircuts who feel better at a certain age? The answer would be yes, although with nuances. It is clear that to find the ideal cut, hairdressers look at the shape of the face and the style. Then, as we get older, the hair ages, turns gray and becomes thick and rebellious. Our mentality is also changing. “Yes, today’s teenagers want‘melenón’ and I’m really afraid of short hair. En esa etapa todos los esfuerzos van dirigidos a cuidar y nutrir ese pelo tan largo ya intendar disuadirlas para que no lo lleven en bloc tipo ‘manto de virgen’ que no favorece nada”, explained the peluquera Diana Daureo, propietaria del salón que lleva su name. And add “After 25 years, there is a change. When they enter the job market, they already begin to let themselves be guided by a hairdresser to have a more careful cut and give a little light with color”.


The most flattering (and rejuvenating) highlights and hair colors for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s

As for the wellaging cuts that are in fashion, the hairdresser Eduardo Sánchez of Maison Eduardo Sánchez specifies it “from a certain age, the midi cuts, the square cuts, the bob, or in its long version, the lob, are excellent alternatives. Pixie and unstructured cuts are very rejuvenating because they bring lightness, freshness and naturalness. And of course, playing around with bangs is the easiest way to take years off. The problem is that they are not suitable for everyone: if you have curls in the hairline or very curly hair, I do not recommend them because they are difficult to maintain. They look especially good on oval and angular faces as they help reduce facial dimensions. Color is also an excellent ally of well-being. Generally, highlights soften expression lines and features; in exchange dark ones enhance and harden them”.

25 haircuts "long bob" that give volume and do good to EVERYONE


25 long bob haircuts that add volume and look good on EVERYONE

30 years old: hair begins to age

The concern for hair care begins to be greater, but it is still it’s time to take risks and experiment with current trends: shorts, pixies, bobs, long bobs and bangs in all their variations. “In this age group, visits to the hairdresser are more frequent, and not just for the color. They are starting to do treatments to keep it alive, healthy, strong and beautiful. They take risks with mid-length weathered hair suitable for every face shape”explains Diana Daureo.

1940: hair obsession

As the 1940s progressed, “women focused on keeping their hair long and midi cuts, accompanied by bangs to look younger”. As for the shades chestnuts, honey and hazelnuts triumph, as they seek maximum discretion. Tone-on-tone techniques predominate; although those who love blond are in luck because it is a color that gives off a lot of light and is flattering at any age”, comments Eduardo Sánchez. It is also the decade of treatments. “Detox, moisturizing and coloring rituals are the most requested” Daureo specifies.

1950s: facelift cuts

In general, from the age of 50, many women begin to wear their hair shorter, at most at shoulder level. The main reason is that hair, like skin, ages, thins and weakens, and an extra-long, mediocre-looking mane is not the best of companions.” Sanchez said. Although more and more women over 50 are wearing very neat long hair They look great on round faces. For Diana Daureo”the haircut depends more on the condition of the hair than on the age. Midis and pixies are ideal when the hair is very damaged and does not support extreme lengths.

And now take note of our selection of cuts that will triumph this summer and feel better at 30, 40 and 50. Save yours and ask your hairdresser!


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