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The hairdresser who managed to go a month without using the iron

Unfortunately, during my childhood, references to curly hair were not common and it happened to me much like the girl from ‘You’re Not Special’ who, to put you in context in case you don’t have not seen this great Netflix series, you would want to cut your hair or straighten it at all costs because she is ashamed of her curls.

The method curly in my adolescence it did not exist and it was rare that she knew how to take care of her curls and have them beautiful. That’s why I join the group of people who were made to think by the trailer for the new “Little Mermaid” or by Lizzo’s statements at the 74th Emmy Awards.

The hair straightener has been a to have to in my life for 20 years (I’m not exaggerating) that my mother gave me the first one I had. But this summer there was a beauty tool that allowed me to discover another world. And since then we can say that I made peace with my hair little by little.

In love with the anti-frizz accessory for your Dyson dryer

Going back in time, it all started exactly two summers ago when I discovered the Dyson anti-frizz drying attachment. Said mouthpiece (which I recommend like crazy every time someone asks me) marked a before and after in my hair routine. It has allowed me to cut my hair damage by more than half, because just running it through my hair completely eliminated that effect. frizz which I hate so much and always try to avoid with wash and finish products.

I took it to the next level this summer when I tried the styler from the same company. A product that had just launched a new version with new buds including my beloved anti-frizz accessory (or an adapted version of it, exactly).

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The Dyson Airwrap multifunctional styler

First, let’s get to know styler heads and all they can do because it’s (real) so much. It is a multifunctional accessory with which I dare say that you do not need anything else. The Position He understands:

  • An anti-frizz dryer (the one I talk about so much) that uses the effect the firm calls Coanda.
  • Three types of styling brushes: the soft for fine hair and sensitive scalps, the straightening stiff and the round to give volume.
  • Two shaping barrels to achieve different wave sizes. A 30mm and a 40mm.
  • A specific brush to clean the filter.
  • A storage case.
HS05 Bcobnk 084 Cmyk Row Flatlay Attachrange Range With Box A0 Mono

In addition they also sell:

  • A brush with wide bristles for tight curls.
  • A 20mm shaper.

His price? 549 euros. The most expensive on the market, is it worth it?

DYSON Airwrap Gift Edition Hair Styler - Copper & Silver

DYSON Airwrap Gift Edition Hair Styler – Copper & Silver

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My experience with the Dyson Airwrap multifunction styler

I have to admit that although when the wonderful María Roberts, founder of Studio25 and ambassador of Dyson in our country, taught me how to use it during her presentation in Madrid, it seemed like child’s play to me, this was not so easy for me to get used to. He has his technique, like everything.

  1. It should be used on wet hair. 70-80% dry. It cannot be soaked. My recommendation here is to use a microfiber towel which speeds up the process when you get out of the shower.
  2. Always start with the dryer head.
  3. If you want to use the barrels to wave, twist them in the direction you want the curls to go. You will notice that the airflow pulls your hair. Hold a not very big strand in the middle and bring the ends from behind towards the styling cylinder. You will see that the hair rolls up on itself. Leave it for about 15 seconds. You can change the air temperature to cold at the end to make the wave more fixed. Cut the air and remove the down.
  4. If you want to use the brushes, the temperature change trick also works.
HS05 Bcobnk 046 Cmyk Tech Coandaeffect Barrel30mm Airfu A2 Mono 1

“The styler gave me the confidence in my hair that I lacked”

In my particular case, the styler gave me the confidence in my hair that I lacked to the point that I dare to wear it curly more and more. I use it to shape my damaged curls and embellish the result of my natural hair.

For me, the equation of anti-frizz blow dryer, barrels for the ends and some highlights and brushes to soften the effect of the wave is great. Also, as the expert hairstylist told me long ago, the smooth board is no longer worn and hair with volume and movement is in fashion. With the Dyson styler, it’s easy to achieve a mane like this. The result is natural and healthy because the good thing about Dyson is that It has a technology that cares about not harming the hair with excessive heat..

Hs05 Bcobnk 048 Cmyk Tech Coandaeffect Softbrushlarge Airfu A2 Lbw

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Since using it I’ve been a fan of the volume and waves and got more than one compliment for them. So if you ask me, is it worth it? Especially because if you think about it, you are buying several tools in one (dryer, curling iron, thermal brush and straightener). It’s just for the anti-frizz drying function, for me it’s already worth it because the result is stunning and if you really suffer from frizz, you use it every day.

Finally, I would like to point out how incredibly well the bangs are styled with the round brush or the barrel of the Airwrap. I don’t have bangs, but TikTok made me wish I had that result. The key is long with a line in the middle. It is fabulous.

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