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The highlights that are trending are these

It is proven that when the summer appointments in hairdresser they multiply because we want to put a touch to them bright to our Hair. We change from see thanks, above all, to strong points Yes reflexeswho always mark orient oneself and reinvent itself during the holidays.In this sense, we want to show you what they are fashionable this season for you to write ideas in case you dare too color your hair. Of course, keep in mind that dyed hair requires special care so as not to lose Color.

Balayage, the classic locks that are trendy

You could say that the balayage highlights are the most demanded in the hair salon when the spring-summer season arrives. It’s about making everyone feel good, no matter what. complexion or the shape of Face.

It doesn’t matter what color it is. Hairbecause they are big in manes blonde Yes brunettesas well as long, medium or short.

How are balayage highlights done? His technique is to sweep tint in the hair with a gradient effectIt’s the base don’t know It starts a little below the root and the end result is very become. the ghosts win volume Yes brightnessThey are also very natural because they adapt to the tone of the hair.

Babylight, the highlights that are trending today

Babylight wicks are similar to sweep and they are also highly sought after by blondes and brunettes. The oral defines them as follows: “They are light highlights which reinforce the brightness and the brightness related to hair. Its effect is more subtle than that of Californiansince they imitate the reflexes irregular that leaves the Sun in the babies hair. to get this coloring very fine strands are taken and points of light are created, worked in the air with a brush or an expert brush, always from the roots to the tips, following the scanning technique. The result is a smooth gradientperfectly integrated into the mane”.

The tone of the strands is determined by the color of your hair, so the babylights will be a little clearer.

Foilyage, other highlights that are trending

The foliageIt is a scanning technique. The hairdresser SalonSecret explains them as follows: “The main difference with the balayage lies in the way of doing the highlights. The beginning is the same: brush highlights and freehand. However, once made, the foil wicks are wrapped in aluminum foil so that the dye penetrate faster.”

In addition, they also point out that they look much better in dark hair, because that way they stand out more. Put on denim shorts, flip flops and one swimsuit and put them in the beach.

Newchuck, one of the highlights that are fashionable

The new highlights tracks create a trend in ninetiesbut then they were known as Mandrel. “These are large locks, usually blonde colorthat create an illusion of mane two colors. They are characterized by the fact that they go from root to tip with a straight fall”, details L’Oral on its official page.

Also, it should be noted that the new tracks They favor any type of face and skin thanks to the fact that it is a multi-tone coloring.

However, it should be noted that those who have a long layered hair. They are mostly worn in the hair with a ‘bob’ cut, one of the favorites of the famous.

Honey-colored highlights, a “trendy” alternative to highlights

The reflexes They are also fashionable season and the main difference with highlights is the amount of hair they cover. While the reflexes are concentrated in the facial area and in the parting, giving us a touch of brightness, the locks are distributed throughout the hair and take a greater number of locks. In this sense, brown hair shines above all by reflections in Honey That is Hazelnut, bringing movement and shine to your hair. A clear example that this style feels right is in Penlope Cruz herself, as the actress wore a dark brown with honey and hazelnut reflections.

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