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The importance of maintaining hair care throughout the year

Every day a healthy person loses about 100-150 hairs. This fall is generally not alarming, but at certain seasons of the year the losses are a little more numerous. The concern of the average user is not only about hair loss, but in general about…

Every day a healthy person loses about 100-150 hairs. This fall is generally not alarming, but at certain seasons of the year the losses are a little more numerous. The concern of the average user is not just about hair loss, but in general, its maintenance because sometimes, as explained Helen Rodero, pharmacist and specialist in hair and skin care, “hair does not he always falls, but rather breaks because he is weakened“.

The interest in taking care of our hair is becoming more and more intense. Before summer, it is generally recommended to use products that protect our hair from exposure to the sun, chlorine from swimming pools or the impact that perspiration or sea water can have on it. However, after the summer season, this support, although different, must continue. Therefore, from the pharmacy they can be supplied from from hair self-diagnosis services to advice and recommendationsthat affect the good health of our hair by focusing on the application of certain products and even following the nutritional guidelines that can help keep it in perfect condition”.

These questions were addressed during the training session organized by Asefarma in collaboration with Laurent Cosmetics and its brands Maûbe and Mia Cosmetics Paris and with Helena Rodero as guest specialist. In the session, with which the training planning for the last quarter of this 2022 was resumed, the types of report that can be made once the condition of each patient’s hair is known, the protocols that can be carried out and, above all, the keys so that the patient knows that in the pharmacy he can have an ally for the care of his hair.

These treatments, as Helena Rodero indicated during her presentation, can be carried out with “exclusivity, quality, simplicity, price and margin, flexibility and support, being able to develop personalized orders and with few brands“, which will facilitate the work of the pharmacist.

Main questions: My hair is falling out, not growing or growing very slowly

The most typical consultation is hair loss and at this time of year it is almost the most important. Although you have to tell the difference when the client asks you for something for the fall or for your hair to grow faster. it’s something different“. As you explained, when they talk about hair loss, you have to ask them, for example, if they find the birth bulb, because there are other types of hair loss; those who do reference to when the hair is parted. Another type of query? Why is their hair not growing.” In these cases, he detailed: “there are times when the customer directly asks for vitamins to grow faster because he does not know if he drops them or breaks them“.

The importance of hair care routines

A good hair routine can help the client take care of their hair and prevent it from splitting and looking like it is falling out when what it really needs to be taken care of. another way.

And what about brands and product types? “Well, there are different forms and for different treatments.“. And every day more, for this reason, the pharmacist must be attentive to new trends and keep in mind that we are talking about a type of dermocosmetics “economical, which is used to treat pathologies, which pursues uncomplicated beauty and which can range from the care of so-called curly hair to the children’s or high-end category“Rodero said.

Adequate recommendation for every need

If we determine what pathology our client suffers from and what is happening to him, we can recommend one type of shampoo or another, one type of product or another.“.

For example, what to do to give more volume to the hair? “It is necessary to alternate two shampoos: one to try to detach the root and another which is used to cleanse the scalp well. Beauty shampoos do not lift the root, so it is necessary to intersperse them. We will have to ask them what kind of shampoos they use and from there recommend“, explained the expert.

Sulphates yes or no?

Also, to clean it is better to use a sulfate shampoo, “despite the fact that now fashion marks that it is better to use shampoos without“.”For example, a sulfate that should not be used is sodium lauryl sulfate or coconut sulfate. The most used is laureth sulphate and depending on the percentage that is in the formula, it will dry out more or less. The main thing is to know that it has three other detergents associated with the formula. As soon as we can determine the formula of our client’s shampoo, we can recommend the one that best suits her hair type.“. To finish, “It is recommended to use a conditioner“, a point.

In short, the pharmacy is there to help the customer, ask him what he wants to improve, what he needs, what his hair looks like and what type of products he is looking for, then recommend the best solution. Without forgetting that the hair is part of the skin, so its care is intimately linked to the care of your skin.

What advice should we give in pharmacies?

The most important tips and the ones to start with are to wash and dry your hair properly because “the more you do things well, the better results you get in the long run”, added Helena Rodero. So what can be recommended is:

  1. Wash your head properly by spreading the product with your fingers all over the scalp. The hair fiber does not need to be cleaned.
  2. Do not dry too long, without rubbing or shaking.
  3. Most importantly, use the right products in the right way to achieve successful long-term results.

The session brought together more than twenty pharmacists.

This training session is part of the training cycle that Asefarma has designed for this 2022. The next training event organized by our training department will take place on September 20 and there we will talk about new trends in skin care: the retinization of influencers. All courses, conferences and specialized training can be consulted in the section Course Catalog on the Asefarma website.


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