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The natural shampoo that will leave your hair looking like a celebrity, and that you can do at home

When we talk about looking for a good shampoo, the characteristics we look for in it are that it leaves us with a good texture, softness, a good smell and above all, that it takes care of our hair. It can sometimes be complicated because finding a good shampoo is not always an easy task, because sometimes good shampoos are very expensive. In this case, with this article, forget it because with this information that we will give you, you will not be able to stop preparing it because yes, you can do it without any problem at home, for little money and with fascinating results.

what we all want

We all want our own to grow faster, healthier and stronger. For the same reason, many people still use traditional shampoos which in many cases contain a chemical called sulphate and other toxins and therefore sometimes retard hair growth at the expense of cleaning our leather very well. scalp, which makes the fat in this area. decrease and our hair grows less healthy, less thick and slower. That’s why we want to bring you a little secret here that hair health professionals keep under lock and key. That’s right, neither more nor less than the sulfate-free onion extract shampoo.

The effects of onion in shampoo

We know that onion and shampoo don’t seem to go together, what happens is that we’re not completely talking about onion as such and we know that’s a bit hard to imagine, the thing is, we are talking about onion extract and it is a terrific ingredient that gives great results. The few people who know about this effect caused by onion extract is that it reduces the toxins contained in traditional shampoos. Therein lies the secret to using onion extract in shampoo, in that we take out the bad, but leave in all the good.


what you really want

If you really want to boost the anti-hair loss effects and strengthen your hair, we recommend a shampoo that, firstly, is sulfate-free, paraben-free, salt-free, silicone-free and toxic-free, and also includes onion extract. It’s easy to see since on the back of the container it should tell you if it has any or not, once you know for sure it’s a good shampoo, preferably from a brand recognized and does not include sulfates in its blend, go for it every time you shop. In this way what we will do is free our hair from the toxins that the foam releases and you will allow the aforementioned onion extract to act and its effect on the hair is imminent, leaving the hair healthy and with regeneration natural.


Some brands that interest you

If you don’t want to make your own shampoo for any reason and especially because you still don’t know how to do it. You can get this highly rated shampoo. This is Dalire sulfate-free shampoo with onion extract. Look, if it’s that even the name itself tells you so, it saves you from having to search if it has this or that. Also, let me tell you, it has one of the best value for money than other foreign brands. The confidence it imparts to us is even greater when we read its list of ingredients, which are exempt from the fillers of the common shampoos we mentioned above.


Choose the shampoo wisely

If you really want beautiful hair and you are seriously worried about it, it is important that you choose the product well, therefore, the one mentioned above is the best one, because it is statistically proven that this type of shampoo, even if it is not the one we taught you before, they strengthen the hair. So if what you really want is hair that grows faster and stronger, don’t make the common mistake and go the way of the hair experts when choosing onion shampoo.

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The properties of onion shampoo

One of the things you will be interested to know absolutely is that it prevents falling. Onion is rich in sulfur and abundant in quercetin, these are powerful stimulants that improve our blood circulation. Thus, the hair follicles, which are said colloquially, the hole through which the hair comes out, receive many more nutrients and the hair grows healthier, stronger and much faster. Another advantage of using this type of shampoo is that it accelerates hair growth since the sulfur contained in the onion stimulates the production of collagen, it is an essential protein for hair growth.

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The best effects of this shampoo

We saved the best for last because if you thought there were only two good benefits to using these types of shampoos, then you were wrong. Onion extract regulates excess sebum and significantly reduces dandruff. If you are one of those types of people who have oily scalp or dandruff, onion shampoo will become your best friend since onion has antibacterial properties that will help fight scalp infections such as dandruff. or seborrhea.


We teach you how to make your own shampoo

Take any shampoo that has an intense aroma of 350ml, then a medium red onion. Now, I recommend a shampoo with an intense aroma because of the citrus theme because by adding onion, its strong smell will be camouflaged by the shampoo and there will be no trace of the onion smell. Take the onion and cut it into medium pieces and insert them into the shampoo. Close the bottle and shake it as much as you can to mix well. Finally, let the onion ferment for 15 days in a dry, cool and moisture-free place. After this time, you can use your shampoo without any problem.


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