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The product that protects your hair from rain and humidity

    After spending over an hour straightening your hair with a flat iron, you step outside and an unexpected rain destroys all the work you’ve done. The hair fiber swells causing frizz and the lengths begin to wave under the influence of humidity. Does that tell you anything? We have all suffered from it at some point and it makes us very angry.

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    This problem may be close to being solved, as we have discovered a revolutionary product that acts as a waterproof for the hair. It was content creator Oto Vans who found the formula most sought after by those who live in humid climates. The influencer He posted a video on his Instagram account in which Chris Appleton, Jennifer Lopez’s famous hairstylist, is seen applying the elixir in question -from his own brand-. Immediately afterwards, he prepares himself to verify its shocking effects.

    Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml

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    The product in question is Supernatural Dream Coat Spray by Color WOW, a silicone-based formula that promises to hydrate the hair and soften the hair fiber as well as protect it from humidity for 72 hours. To verify this, Oto follows the application instructions in front of the camera. With damp hair, the spray is applied layer by layer, which he says smells like “mass of Crepes”. Then she brushes all her hair to finish distributing the product and at this point she already comments that she notices more body in her hair. Finally, the content creator dries his hair as usual and when he’s done, the appearance is that of extremely straight hair: “I seem to have ironed it,” he says.

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    After all this process, the acid test arrives to test whether it really makes the hair moisture proof. With a pipette filled with water, Oto applies the liquid on the hair and to his surprise and that of his followers, it slides forming spheres, without penetrating the hair. “How strong, it works,” he exclaims, moving his hair.

    The discovery sparked interest in the product, and Oto Vans fans were the first to say they couldn’t wait to try it: “What is the fantasy for women in the North?” exclaims one of them.. “Now we all want it” or “You created the need for me”, are other comments that are also repeated.

    how the product works raincoat for hair ?

    The Dream Coat formula uses a heat-activated polymer that compresses, tightens and seals the fiber. The supernatural puttywhen heated with a hair dryer, envelops each strand in an undetectable, water-resistant veil that repels moisturewhile eliminating and preventing unwanted frizz, leaving hair ultra-soft.

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    One of the users who has already tried it, leaves her testimonial in the publication of Oto, attesting this: “I tried it for a wedding in Galicia, to avoid frizz (although I wanted the hair to keep a certain shape) and it was super smooth. So smooth, for it to cling, I had to get it wet. But in soak mode… And it just wavy a bit!”

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