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The steps to follow and the best products to show off breathtaking curls

Hair is one of the elements of our image that stands out the most and can mean the difference between looking flawless and looking more careless or even left, if the hair does not obey.

When we talk about hair types, it is common knowledge that between straight and curly, the second is much more complicated to tame and know how to wear on a daily basis. It is therefore not surprising that more and more specific products and treatments are coming out to learn how to manage it.

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One of the best-known methods for curly hair for some time is the ‘Curly Girl Method’, which combines a few simple steps based mainly on the composition of the products used.

To give us an idea, a shampoo, conditioner or curl corrector adapted to the Curly Girl Method is a product without drying alcohols, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils and waxes.

What are the steps of the Curly Girl method?

Curly Method: Steps to Follow and Best Products to Show Off Infarct Curls

Curly Method: Steps to Follow and Best Products to Show Off Infarct Curls

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  • 1) First cleaning with sulphate-free silicone shampoo: The first thing we must do when starting the Curly method is to remove the remains of silicones and other products with a shampoo that contains sulfates, but does not contain silicones.

The sulfates will wash away all the leftover chemicals and other products to leave the hair as natural as possible so that the curl comes out with its natural shape. We will only use this type of shampoo at the start of the method.

  • 2 ) Deep cleaning with a shampoo suitable for the Curly Method: after this first wash with the sulphate shampoo we will eliminate them completely.

So, every time we want to wash our hair, it will be with a product that does not contain drying alcohols, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils or waxes.

Loop method: steps to follow and best products to show infarction loops

Curly Method: Steps to Follow and Best Products to Show Off Infarct Curls


  • 3 ) Deep hydration with a mask or conditioner suitable for the Curly Method. Especially at the beginning of the method, one should use one of these products at least once a week so that the curl is naturally defined.

With the masks, it is preferable to leave them to act between 20 minutes and 2 hours (according to need). The conditioner, on the other hand, will help us seal in the moisture every time we wash our hair, as well as detangle it with our fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Conditioners can be with or without rinsing.

  • 4) Stylized / hairstyle: This last step is completely optional and will depend on how much time we have for our daily hair treatment or how we see how our hair reacts.

If we think we may be missing a bit of “push” for the curls to finish defining, we want the hair to be shinier and we want to get rid of the “frizz” completely, we can resort to after-wash and mask products such as styling creams, mousses, serums and gels (free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, silicones, etc.).

What products can be used to follow the Curly Method?

Complete kits:

Tahe Pack Curly Low Pow Shampoo + 3 in 1 Mask + Curl Activator


Tahe Pack Curly (3 steps)

Low Pow Shampoo + 3 in 1 Mask + Curl Activator

A very good option to start with is to buy all the products together from the same line. This one, for example, from Tahe, was created specifically with the Curly method in mind, so it ticks all the boxes. It includes the usual washing shampoo, the 3 in 1 mask and a curl activating cream to be applied at the end of everything, before drying.

buy on amazon for 31.85 €

Keymes Curly Girl Method Pack (4 Steps) Low Poo Shampoo, Mask, Curl Activating Cream & Defining Gel

of them

Keymes Pack Curly Girl Method (4 steps)

Low Poo Shampoo, Mask, Curl Activator Cream and Defining Gel

We may also be interested in this other line, from Keymes, which includes four steps of the Curly Method and has also been specifically designed for this purpose.

This kit, formulated with healthy and safe ingredients including aloe vera, shea and cupuaçu butter, ginseng, vitamins A, B, C, D and E and acai oil, includes a shampoo, a mask, a curl activating cream and a defining gel (all 250 ml) .

buy on amazon for 44.95 €

Válquer Professional Pack (3 stages)


Válquer Professional Pack (3 stages)

Shampoo + Mask + Conditioner

This other set, formulated without silicones, sulphates, parabens, waxes or mineral oils, is composed of a 100% natural active ingredient derived from corn which improves curl hold and resistance to humidity.

The kit includes a Curls shampoo, mask, and conditioner to deliver well-defined curls, hair hydration, and frizz control with every wash.

buy on amazon for 40.48 €


Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Shaping Shampoo


Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Shaping Shampoo

This is a styling shampoo with coconut and hibiscus to provide well-defined curls and great shine thanks to silk proteins and neem oil.

Shea Moisture’s product, formulated with the curly method in mind, is especially ideal for thick, curly hair. In addition, it has organic certification and fair trade shea butter.

buy on amazon for 17.90 €

Solid shampoo 2 in 1 curly from Valquer Laboratories (shampoo and conditioner)


Solid shampoo 2 in 1 curly from Valquer Laboratories (shampoo and conditioner)

On the other hand, to continue the Curly Method and try to be as durable as possible, solid shampoos can be very practical. In addition, they can be carried on the plane and do not tip over in the suitcase.

This 2-in-1 product, shampoo and conditioner, foams easily because it is highly concentrated in surfactants and contains 95% ingredients of natural origin.

buy on amazon for 7.50 €

Conditioners and masks:

Tahe Magic Curls Washable Conditioner


Tahe Magic Curls Washable Conditioner

This cleansing conditioner is perfect for all hair types and gently cleanses, respecting the lipid control of the hair and scalp. Plus, it moisturizes and controls frizz.

The vegan formula, which includes active ingredients with coconut, argan, castor and aloe vera oils, has been specially designed for the curly method.

buy on amazon for 10.40 €

Ezero Curly Method Hydrating Mask


Ezero Curly Method Hydrating Mask

With this Curly Method curly hair mask we will obtain hydration and nutrition, we will repair the keratin fiber and we will define and maintain the curl, in addition to fighting frizz.

This product contains plant-derived keratin, rosemary and ivy extracts, green tea extract, panthenol, and olive, grapeseed, and mint oils.

buy on amazon for 16.95 €

Styling creams, mousses, serums…:

Revlon Professional Style Masters Orbital Curl Activator


Revlon Professional Style Masters Orbital Curl Activator

For conditioner and mask or conditioner, it can also be useful to have a curl activating cream like this one from Revlon. In our experience it is a very effective product and it works well for combing our hair if we mix it with water to apply it on dry hair on days when we need to define the curl without washing our hair .

In addition to repelling humidity and preventing frizz, this product reduces split ends and creates springy curls that don’t get stiff.

buy on amazon for 8.55 €

Revlon Professional ProYou Curl and Wave Activator Spray


Revlon Professional ProYou Curl and Wave Activator Spray

Finally, this comfortable curl activator in Spray format, also from the Revlon brand, will be perfect for enhancing and defining beach waves on a daily basis. The product will become that extra definition for naturally curly or permed hair and allow us to have our hair under control at all times effortlessly.

buy on amazon for 9.95 €

* Prices updated as of September 5, 2022

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