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The super-hydrating shampoo for less than 15 euros

    During the summer our habits change, we spend more time outdoors and spend hours enjoying beaches and swimming pools. Unfortunately, it is also common that during these months the care we give to our hair relaxes. The result of all this is that in September we generally find that our hair is thirsty and requires hydration and nutrition.

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    You may be thinking that at this point you have no choice but to invest heavily in a shampoo that will bring your hair back to life. But we often make the mistake of associating a quality product with a high price, and this is not always the case. We don’t say it, but hairdressing professionals, who discovered in a shampoo that does not exceed 15 euros a super ally to wash your hair after returning from the beach in summer.

    It’s a rare find from a company that specializes in delicious-smelling sunscreen products, Sun Bum. The company expanded its catalog to include skin and hair care products in which they decided to retain their rich scent.. And it is that if we can prolong the summer, even if it is only olfactory, why not do it?

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    But the praise for the company’s conditioning shampoo (which also extends to conditioner) goes beyond the coconut scent. It is a formula that does not contain gluten, silicones – responsible for giving that false shine to the hair – and parabens.. This combination is really powerful for treating sun-dried, salt- and chlorine-damaged hair.

    Sun Bum Revitalizing Shampoo

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    “These products made my hair look so good that I used them wash after wash,” says one of the formula’s loyal users. But the shampoo is not only popular with female consumers, hairdressers agree that for the adjusted price with which it is marketed, it contains a large number of beneficial ingredients for the hair. It’s also suitable for all hair types, because who doesn’t want a little extra moisture in their hair?

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    According to its product sheet, it is a shampoo that provides hydration, shine and nutrients for the scalp and to the hair fiber, leaving the hair nourished, clean and resplendent, a feeling that you can sublimate with these 9 keys to making your hair shine. It is formulated with a creamy mixture where the banana is the protagonist. This is responsible for bringing softness and shine to the hair fiber and hydration to the most damaged scalp.

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    It also contains coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, which promote healthy hair growth, and quinoa protein, which promotes hair growth and protects it from environmental pollution. This natural blend envelops the hair in a halo of moisture, working to improve manageability, the percentage of water it retains and texture.

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