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The trick to having shinier hair

Keeping hair shiny, silky and generally well-groomed is a complicated task. Like other parts of the body, hair requires constant attention. Constant exposure to the sun, the heat of straighteners and dryers, and even poor nutrition cause hair to lose vitality.

For some people hair can be one of the most important parts of their body and the problem is that When hair is abused, it begins to grow slower than normal.

It can also lead to damaged ends or more extensive damage to the scalp. For this reason, men and women are looking for a variety of methods to help fix it and give it shine and softness.

For example, the specialized portal better with health listed some tricks with which it is possible to achieve shiny, nourished and healthy hair:

1. Massage the scalp: When washing hair, massage should be done with your fingertips using a special shampoo depending on the type of skin. Drying or irritating products should be avoided. The best are rolled oats, avocado, wheat germ, honey or jojoba.

2. Rinse with vinegar: It is possible to use this product as a companion to the conditioner. Its compounds provide shine and nourish the hair. It is especially beneficial when chemicals are frequently used on the hair. The important thing is to mix three parts water to one part vinegar, that way its acid won’t harm the scalp.

3. Brush it every day: performing this process at night helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and contributes to its strengthening, as shown fashion. Brushing it from the middle to the ends is the recommended option to keep it clean longer.

4. Apply coconut oil: a study published in International Journal of Cosmetic Sciences found that coconut oil is effective in preventing hair damage. Being a lauric acid triglyceride, it has a high affinity with hair proteins capable of penetrating to repair it.

5. Consume beneficial fats: Proper nutrition is key to keeping the body’s various systems in good working order, and the hair also benefits. Some fats are considered healthy, such as those in avocado and nuts which help show off shiny hair.

It should be noted that some people, even if they try to take care and maintain lush and voluminous hair, make mistakes which do not allow it to look silky and healthy. Indeed, the specialized portal better with health Listed some of the most common:

  • Leave the conditioner: There are people who do not use this product, believing that due to the oily consistency of their hair, the product makes the condition worse. However, the conditioner gives shine and hydration to the hair, the important thing is not to use it at the roots, but from the middle to the tips.
  • Misuse of irons, dryers and tongs: The most important advice in this case is not to abuse these devices and not to use the straightener or curling iron on wet hair. In addition, a thermoprotector can be used before using them.
  • Sleep with wet hair: Drying your hair thoroughly before going to bed is essential because even though sleeping with wet hair seems harmless, it has several repercussions on hair health as well as muscle and immune health.
  • Frequently apply chemicals: When hair is subjected to constant bleaching or dyeing, its shine and softness can be affected. If this effect is not desired, You can use a series of dyes that are currently created with natural products.

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