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The trick to strengthen our hair in the shower

The first cold not only tests our resistance to disease, but also affects our appearance.

First, the skin on the face and hands becomes dry and cracked. But even nails can be more brittle and in dire need of a boost with drugstore products or DIY treatments.

Hair is also affected by weather changes, but weather isn’t the only reason we lose more hair or are more indomitable. In fact, we must be careful how we wash our hair because all the fragility of our hair starts with the wrong way of washing it.

This may seem exaggerated because nothing seems more banal than this almost daily gesture.

In reality, even without realizing it, we make small inaccuracies that make cleaning less effective and, in the long run, weaken our hair.

The rules of the perfect wash

Let’s start first with the prewash, a moment too often wrongly overlooked.

Indeed, brushing your hair before washing it is an essential gesture, especially if you tend to accumulate too many knots. If they are particularly difficult to detangle, nothing prevents us from also using a detangling spray.

These steps are essential to prevent hair breakage during the next phase, i.e. washing. On this subject, it must be said that if some are very careful in the choice of shampoo, others do not bother with the different labels.

Error, because it would be necessary to favor a product adapted to the type of scalp and the problem to be solved, from the anti-dandruff shampoo to the volumizer.

Also remember not to overdo it with the amount of shampoo: a walnut-sized amount is enough, also because fine hair would otherwise be weighed down. Be careful when washing your hair because some very harmless mistakes could damage it.

Also important is the distribution phase of the shampoo, which should not be poured randomly on the head, but should be applied to three specific places. After placing it on the sides of the neck and on the top of the head, start massaging gently with your fingertips without scratching with your nails.

Let’s move on to the root lift: by doing so, not only will the cleaning be more effective, but we should also be able to stimulate hair growth. For good results, the operation should last 2-3 minutes in total.

Next, it’s time for conditioner, which should only be applied after patting the hair a few times to remove excess moisture.

Other common errors: it should not be spread all over the scalp, but rather reserved for the lengths and it is not necessary to leave it on for it to take effect. Also, when rinsing, it would be better to use cold water, because this way the hair will have more shine.

Indeed, the hot water that we love so much in winter has the defect of making the hair duller and, in some cases, greasy. Finally, let’s see how to properly conclude the beauty routine by drying.

To remove water and moisture, it is necessary to start with the roots, so that they dry out earlier and begin to gain volume. One avoids forcing the hair to be wrapped in a towel for a long time, about 10 minutes is enough, especially if it is a microfiber cloth.

The brush should only be used after the first hint of drying and should preferably be round with natural anti-frizz bristles.


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