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These are the 3 hair oils to smell clean all day

the fever for smells good all day It is a basic need for many women and although there are many options to achieve it, ranging from creams to perfumes, the new trend of the moment is hair oils With which you will not only achieve this goal, but at the same time take care of the health of your hair. And it is that the first weeks of autumn are always the perfect excuse to start applying masks and treatments for the mane, after the damage caused by the sun’s rays, the chlorine of the swimming pool and the water of salty sea.

So if you, like many women, are trying to restore your hair to health after summer vacation, these hair oils will be the best option and as we expected, their perfumes They’ll stay on all day, so there’s no need to reapply over the hours like perfumes. On the other hand, it is important to remember that each product will have a protective role and therefore an odor, depending on its ingredients.

For several weeks, social networks have been going crazy in search of “clean smell” perfumes and the options are many and varied; The good news is that this essence can also be obtained with hair products. And after its first use, you will notice that the effect will last all day, in addition to the fact that the autumn air will be beautiful so that the smell reaches everyone’s nose and leaves a mark everywhere you go. .

They are very easy to apply. (Photo: Pexels)

So if you want to smell clean all day this fall and forget about perfumes, these oils They will be your best allies and the best part is that they are just as easy to apply. The trick is to have the clean hair and slightly damp, you must then apply a few drops of your favorite product to the palm of your hand, rub it and take the oil on the hair trying to moisturize each hair.

Remember this will help your hair look healthier both due to the effect of the oils as to their nutrientssince most of these products are made with natural ingredients which help hair growth, prevent premature hair loss, restore shine and softness, as well as hydration.

peppermint oil

Peppermint is par excellence one of the aromas that makes us think of cleaning and in an effect refreshingthe good news is that this plant is one of the most used in the world of beauty and its wonders are reflected in both the hair and the skin, so do not hesitate to use it.

An alternative is DIFEEL PREMIUM NATURAL HAIR OIL – PEPPERMINT OIL which stands out, according to the product description, for combating dry, flaky scalp, as well as helping to leave hair shiny and soft.

The scent will last and also help you stay relaxed. (Photo: Sally)

Grape seed oil

Another equally effective option is hair oil Jaloma Grapeseed which can be applied to all types of hair (and skin) so that its properties are activated. Besides, it will help you clean smell, This alternative is wonderful because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will help prevent premature aging of hair and skin, so do not hesitate to use it as a body oil for massages as well.

The smell of grapes will amaze you. (Photo: Amazon)

Ogx Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Oil

Finally, OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Hair Oil is another of the current favorite alternatives that stands out for its scent that lasts all day after a single application, as well as being the magnificent option to take care of the hair, moisturize it, keep it soft and well hydrated.

It also has several nutrients to promote the perfect health of the mane. (Photo: Wal-Mart)


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