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tips for fixing them without cutting a hair

The effect of sun, heat, salt or chlorine They affect not only the skin, but also the hair. Summer wreaks havoc on our hair causing it to dry out and fragment which causes the famous split ends. In addition, there are other factors that also mark the condition of the hair, such as the use of hairpins or braids, which many times are used with damp hair, that is, say when they are most fragile.

It must be taken into account that the hair and the scalp are strongly affected during the summer months because the incidence of the sun on them is greater than at other times of the year and the solar radiation stimulates the synthesis of melanin. So much so that the hair may slightly change color or suffer burns. Due to all these unwanted elements, when the holidays are over, it’s time to start using specific products that deeply repair and nourish the hair.

Plus, September is the perfect month to get a makeover and choose a new haircut. Not only will you face the return to routine with a better face, but you will also clean your hair and eliminate the damage caused during the summer. If you are not a fan of cutting, but you need a solution to split ends, at L’OBJECTIF we give you the keys that you can achieve to say goodbye to damaged hair without resorting to scissors.

What are split ends?

In order to eradicate split ends, the first thing we need to know is what they look like in order to know how to identify them. The last three inches of the strand, what we call the tips, have been exposed the longest, so they are usually the first to show long-term damage. Having those dry ends is completely normal, especially on long hair, due to the use of heat tools, sun damage, and other free radicals that hair faces on a daily basis.

Hair with split ends. (Source: Nezeni Cosmetics)

Are dry ends the same as split ends? They don’t have to be. “Split ends are the result of ends being very dry for too long. The hair becomes so fragile that it begins to break,” explains Patricia Rúa, image manager at Nezeni Cosmetics.

What are the causes ?

There are many factors that cause split ends. Of course, genetics influence, but also the routine we use in our daily care like washing it in hot water, brushing it too hard, wrapping it in a towel, or using tools like flat irons, hair dryers, or curling irons.

Attention should also be paid to an inadequate diet, exposure to the sun or the use of hair products containing alcohol or harsh treatments like dyes, perms, or straightening.

The use of hot tools is one of the causes of the appearance of split ends
The use of hot tools is one of the causes of the appearance of split ends. (Source: Freepik/dianagrytsku)

“Cutting the hair is ultimately the best option, but certain products can help us. Give the incredible benefits of coconut oil for ends a chance, avoid excessive use of shampoos and brushes at this time of year and try nourishing masks at home, like the one with coconut protein. lawyer”, recommends the expert.

It’s time to fix it

After the summer months hair needs specific care to combat split ends which are much more common at this time of year. “To repair them, it is essential to use a specific shampoo that includes moisturizing complexes rich in honey, green tea extract, aloe barbadensis, comelanin Q10, panthenol or ginseng. In addition, it is important to complete the cleansing with a specific treatment for this part of the hair which is restructuring and moisturizing”, recommends Natalia Guinot, pharmacist and scientific director of Laboratoires DS.

In reality, efforts must begin before tips start to appear, making small changes like sleeping on silk blankets and working from the base of the hair to remove tangles. “We also recommend incorporating a moisturizing and repairing mask into your weekly routine, focusing on the ends and whether your hair is in perfect condition or not,” they advise at Nezeni Cosmetics.

Hair repair mask from Nezeni Cosmetics.  Recommended retail price: €18.91
Hair repair mask from Nezeni Cosmetics. Recommended retail price: €18.91

If you want to avoid a visit to the hairdresser, and you can’t spend time on a hair mask, you can also hide split ends with certain hairstyles. Any updo or bun that hides this part will do. You can also opt for fun accessories like scarves, barrettes and hats. “Another unconventional but very common way to hide split ends is to hair creasein which you leave the lower part of your hair tucked under your shirt or jacket,” recommends the expert.

the fit you need

There’s a new way to clean hair and it’s not too simple. In the Barcelona Vanitas Espai salon they have a device capable of cut only damaged hair. The system was named Roll cut and it is able to clean the hair without having to cut it.

The first thing is to make a diagnosis to assess the condition of the hair and then proceed to a dry cut. If the hair is very thin and there are a lot of split ends, selective cutting is done manually but otherwise the Roll cut. It is a system particularly indicated for the finest hair which are the most fragile and which break the most.

Haircut with Roller Cut.  (Source: Vanitas Spain)
Haircut with Roller Cut. (Source: Vanitas Spain)

Roll cut is a patented device fitted with dozens of micro-blades that performs a selective, precise and safe cut. This technology only cuts the open ends so that the length of the hair is not changed. Although it does not prevent frizz, it improves it because it is able to seal the ends.

Products to end split ends

If you want to provide your hair with all the nutrition it needs, a good solution is La Provençale Beauty Oil. It is enriched with organic olive oil and sunflower oil and is quickly absorbed, leaving a delicate aroma of flowers and deep hydration.

La Provençale Beauty Oil
La Provençale Beauty Oil

Argan oil is one of the most effective active ingredients for hair care. The argan tree is a tree native to Morocco from which we extract a fruit similar to the olive with which we make our oil, which is one of the most nutritious and regenerating that exists. Saluvial has a Argan Hair Serum which is perfect for nourishing all types of hair, even the oiliest.

Its use creates a protective barrier protecting the hair against external aggressions such as the sun, heating tools, chlorine or saltpetre. With fatty acids and antioxidants, it also deeply nourishes the hair and adds shine. For their part, vitamins A and E fight dandruff and help restore the sebum balance of oily hair. Its restorative action nourishes and protects damaged and split ends, strengthening them. At the same time, it provides strength, elasticity and prevents frizz without greasing, leaving hair soft and silky.

Saluvital Argan Hair Serum.  Recommended retail price: €10.20
Saluvital Argan Hair Serum. Recommended retail price: €10.20

NIA shampoo has a formula that has a nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening system for damaged hair. It is formulated with ingredients that act from the center of the cuticle, restoring softness, shine and volume to the hair. It has a triple action: repairs, protects and seals damaged hair and split ends.

This powerful solution naturally provides immediate results. Featuring a powerful restructuring complex, it repairs split ends and provides long-lasting hydration while protecting color. The result is softer hair with more volume.

Nia restructuring shampoo.  Recommended retail price: €17.90
Nia restructuring shampoo. Recommended retail price: €17.90

In the same office you can meet hair restructuring treatment to eliminate split ends and hydrate hair for longer. Repairs, strengthens, nourishes, protects and hydrates the structure of damaged, brittle or chemically damaged hair. It is a two-step process that is recommended to be used once a week.

Nia's hair treatment.  Recommended retail price: €34.90
Nia’s hair treatment. Recommended retail price: €34.90

If after the summer you notice that your hair has become drier, dehydrated, brittle and that it no longer has the volume and suppleness of before, the mask Moisturizer by Franck Provost is an ally to regain your health. He is able to repair and strengthen the fiber in depth bringing shine, suppleness, softness and improving the elasticity of the hair. In addition, it reduces skin dryness and flaking of the scalp by sealing hydration at the heart of the fiber.

Hydrating Care Mask by Franck Provost
Hydrating Care Mask by Franck Provost

The firm All Sins offers us one of its flagship products: Treatment. It is a 3 in 1 alternative that contains gold, vitamins and trace elements to nourish, moisturize and give the hair a silky appearance. Its formula achieves an immediate effect that provides the hydration and softness that the hair needs to regain a youthful and healthy appearance.

All Sins Treatment Hair Mask.  Recommended retail price: €34.15
All Sins Treatment Hair Mask. Recommended retail price: €34.15

Infused with murumuru butter, the REF Stockholm Mask helps protect and condition hair to preserve its natural strength. It is specially formulated for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. According to Llongueras experts, this hair needs an extra dose of hydration to regain its vitality.

REF Stockholm Ultimate Repair Mask
REF Stockholm Ultimate Repair Mask

Let yourself be advised by the experts to be able to start the fall without leaving a trace of the so hated split ends.

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