Top Companies for Remote Jobs in 2022 Include Amazon, SAP

“Going to work” now means something different from what it was a few years ago. Instead of hopping in a car or taking the bus, a workday can now begin by simply moving to your couch and turning on your laptop.

Even with over 60% of the country fully vaccinated, many companies do not plan to bring full-time workers back to an office in person. It is therefore increasingly easier to find remote jobs.

The flexible and remote job search site FlexJobs has identified the “100 Best Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs” in 2022. To create the list, FlexJobs analyzed the history of job offers of nearly 57 000 companies to identify which companies had posted the furthest jobs in 2021. The roundup includes the names of many companies you are likely familiar with, such as Amazon, American Express, American Red Cross, AT&T, Coinbase, CVS Health, Mayo Clinic, Verizon and Wells Fargo.

The most promising career areas for remote jobs in 2022 include computer and information technology (IT), accounting and finance, marketing, and medicine and healthcare, according to FlexJobs. And the most popular job titles for remote work include accountant, customer service representative, nurse, and project manager.

The best companies for remote jobs

FlexJobs defines “remote work” as work that allows employees to work from home all or part of the time. Here are the 10 best companies with remote jobs to watch in 2022, and what types of roles they’re hiring for, according to FlexJobs.

1. Wide path

BroadPath provides remote outsourcing services to organizations in industries such as healthcare, financial services, travel, and hospitality. Based in Tucson, Arizona, the company has posted remote and hybrid jobs in a variety of fields including call centers, insurance, operations, sales, medicine and healthcare.

2. Live-ops

Liveops is a virtual call center that provides on-demand virtual agents for business sales and customer service needs. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company offers fully remote, hybrid and independent opportunities in areas such as medicine and healthcare, customer service, sales and insurance.


SYKES provides solutions for the management of customer contacts. Based in Tampa, Florida, Sykes has previously offered flex-hour, part-time, hybrid, and fully remote jobs in areas such as customer service, call center, marketing and sales.

4. Work solutions

Working Solutions provides on-demand sales and customer service agents. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has posted freelance, part-time, hybrid, and fully remote jobs in areas such as customer service, call centers, and consulting.

5. SAP

SAP is a provider of business software and services. Based in Germany but with a US headquarters in Newtown Square, PA, SAP has hired flexible, hybrid, and fully remote jobs – in addition to freelance, temporary, and part-time assignments – in fields such as IT and IT, software development, human resources (HR) and recruiting.

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6. University tutors

Varsity Tutors connects students with personalized tutors in more than 3,000 subjects, according to its site. The parent company, Nerdy, is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and Varsity Tutors has hired hybrid and fully remote flexible hours, part-time and freelance roles in education and training, customer service and more. .


TTEC provides customer experience software. Based in Englewood, Colorado, the company has hired for part-time and full-time, hybrid and fully remote jobs, some with flexible hours, in areas like customer service, IT and IT. , consulting and marketing.

8. Kelly

Kelly is a recruiting company that matches companies with job seekers who match their needs. Based in Troy, Michigan, the company offers a wide range of flexible work organizations, including in the areas of human resources and recruiting.

9. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is a retailer that sells home products. Based in San Francisco, Calif., The company has offered freelance, temporary, part-time, hybrid and fully remote jobs in areas such as art and design, marketing, customer service, retail. and manufacturing.

10. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers transcription, translation, data annotation, artificial intelligence data sets, and speech recognition services. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of ​​California, TranscribeMe offers fully remote jobs with full-time, part-time, alternate and flexible schedules in data entry, transcription, translation, editing and bilingual domains.

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