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Two natural remedies to fight it

Although hair loss is more common than it seems, in some other cases it is associated with problems that affect the health of the body.

According to Mayo Clinic, human beings manage to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day, a fact that is not so noticeable due to its growth.

The American entity specifies that hair loss is linked to hormonal changes, for example, which occur when a woman You are pregnant or maybe you are going through menopause.

However, these are not the only times when a person can lose their hair, as a genetic factor can be the cause.

Meanwhile, some other aspects such as weight loss, lack of nutrients due to poor diet, stress, can underlie alopecia.

How to prevent hair loss?

To prevent hair loss, it must be taken care of, with products that are gentle on it, that is to say moisturizers and shampoos adapted to the pH.

In addition, the non-excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, They can be useful for scalp care and thwart other conditions that can develop such as diabetes.

However, there are natural remedies that are believed to help prevent it from falling out, however, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist before use as it may cause side effects such as allergies.

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home remedies

In an article published by better with healthwritten by Yamila Papa, assures that it is not just about giving importance to hair loss, but how it fades, for example, with the use of irons and dryers, elements that can hinder their growth due to the high temperatures they handle.

For this reason, making hair masks can be helpful in conditioning hair with ingredients such as aloe vera and/or rosemary oil.

aloe vera

According to Tua Saude, Aloe vera is a medicinal plant with multiple benefits, used in the manufacture of a wide range of cosmetic products.

The portal indicates that aloe vera has great properties that help the skin, thanks to its mucilaginous substances and quercetin, which renew damaged cells. In addition, it stimulates hair growth and gives it life; eliminating dandruff, preventing, in turn, hair loss.

How to use

  1. Cut an aloe leaf and extract its crystal.
  2. Apply to the scalp.
  3. Perform massages and let dry then wash.

It is recommended to consult a doctor about its use, because although it is used to reduce inflammation of the skin after burns, in some people it may have contraindications.

Rosemary water a natural alternative for hair care
Rosemary water a natural alternative for hair care – Photo: Getty Images

rosemary oil

Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in fighting osteoarthritis and its symptoms. For this reason, its effects not only influence the digestive system, but can contribute to hair growth, for example.

The health portal describes how to use rosemary, which also has contraindications for those who consume it excessively, as it causes vomiting and dizziness. It should be noted that a person with high blood pressure might see their blood pressure affected after ingesting this herb.

How to use

  1. Apply a few drops of rosemary oil on the scalp.
  2. Leave on for at least a few minutes then rinse.
  3. You have to keep in mind that being greasy, its elimination is not so easy, so you need a lot of shampoo and water.

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