UFC Fighters Who Had Jobs Outside Of Fighting

There are many UFC fighters who rise to the top of combat sports and become ultra-rich celebrities in their own right. There are also plenty of UFC fighters who are struggling to pay their bills. Although they are some of the best fighters in the world, they can also work in the moonlight in a job that is a little less extravagant.

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Whatever the reason for the extra work, there are a lot of UFC fighters who at some point have found work in their spare time. MMA fans may wonder if this kind of schedule can lead to fighters who have worked outside of fights not being the best. But some of the greatest fighters of all time have worked outside of the UFC, while still fighting.

ten Dominique reyes

Dominick Reyes' weigh-in

Dominick Reyes’ name should be familiar to every UFC fan because of his top ten ranking in the light heavyweight division. The man has won the Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night honors several times during his career.

UFC fans may be surprised to learn that at the start of his MMA career, Reyes actually worked as a teacher. Even further than that, Reyes recently worked as a computer technician for another high school based in California.

9 Demetrious johnson

Demetrious Johnson is waiting for the bell

Almost every big UFC fan on the planet should know who Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson is. The man is likely to go down in history as one of the greatest UFC fighters to ever honor the Octagon.

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He is also one of the most famous examples of a UFC fighter with a job outside of combat. Johnson continued to work as a forklift operator for a surprisingly long time in his dominant race in the UFC. There aren’t many ways to describe him other than an absolutely admirable workaholic.


8 Geoff neal

Geoff Neal weighing

For those who don’t know, Geoff Neal is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC welterweight division. His dedication to combat has led to great performances, but his time is sometimes shared with his other job.

While many fighters tend to work in fields like construction or policing, Neal has often worked as a waiter throughout his fighting career. One can only wonder how strange it would be to find that their favorite fighter is about to serve them drinks or dinner, but most MMA fans would probably agree that it would be a welcome surprise.

seven Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic gives a punch

Of all the notable fighters who worked in addition to their fighting careers, Stipe Miocic is perhaps one of the most famous examples. It can be hard to imagine someone being so dominant while focusing on an entirely different career, but that’s how good Miocic is.

Most people probably won’t believe that Miocic dominated wherever he went while working full time as a firefighter. Part-time jobs aren’t hard to believe, but a demanding full-time job like fighting fires is incredibly hard to believe when participating in MMA as well. Miocic manages to make everything look easy.

6 Emily whitmire

Emily Whitmire's UFC weigh-in

While she may no longer be engaged by the UFC after three straight losses, that may be in part due to Whitmire’s busy schedule. Not only does she spend a lot of her time training, but she also works alongside it.

Whitmire has spent a lot of time waiting at tables to make ends meet due to the lower pay that comes with lower notoriety. Regardless of what MMA fans think of her as a fighter, it’s admirable that she works so hard to make sure she can live her dreams every day.

5 Stephen thompson

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson Listens to a Question

Anyone who’s heard of Stephen Thompson’s name knows he’s often considered the nicest man in the UFC, if not all of MMA. It can be difficult to balance multiple career paths, but it looks like Thompson had no issues with it.

While Thompson has worked with modeling agencies, many MMA fans will know Thompson as the cool guy who teaches kids karate. It seems that Thompson took his father’s example and decided that it was best to devote some of his time to teaching the art of karate to the next generation.

4 Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin weigh-in

While most recent UFC fans may not be entirely sure who Rich Franklin is, his UFC career speaks more than for itself. Franklin was the UFC middleweight champion and managed to secure victories over Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva.

There seems to be a weird overlap between MMA fighters who like to fight and MMA fighters who like to teach. Franklin worked as a high school teacher for a long part of his fighting career. While he’s as good a teacher as he is a fighter, these students were in good hands.

3 Paulo thiago

Paulo Thiago weigh-in

Paulo Thiago hasn’t fought for the UFC since 2014, thanks to three straight losses, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an impressive fighter. All the more impressive, Thiago has managed to put in many incredible performances while balancing other work.

His other job? None other than a Brazilian special forces unit. Few jobs are better suited for a fighter as strong and tactical as Thiago. The job was sure to be stressful, but it was probably a job that turned out to be rewarding.

2 Luke rockhold

Luke Rockhold Photoshoot

Love him or hate him, most modern UFC fans have heard of, or at least seen, a Luke Rockhold fight. The man has faced some of the greatest of all time like Lyoto Machida, Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman throughout his career.

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Fans who don’t pay too much attention to fighters like Rockhold may be surprised to learn that the man also works as a model next door. He seems to love her so much that he’s even expressed interest in potentially switching to full-time modeling.

1 Tim kennedy

Tim Kennedy faces his opponent

Anyone who has been a fan of MMA for some time knows how physically demanding a career is. It may surprise fans to learn that while Tim Kennedy had a great MMA career, he was also consistently in the military.

Working in the military was sure to give Kennedy both a great way to stay in shape without training, and also a way to practice even greater discipline. When fans look back on his career, it seems to have worked in his favor.

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