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VINFER Laboratories celebrate their 50th anniversary with great institutional support

Laboratorios Vinfer, a second-generation family business dedicated to the manufacture and sale of insecticide products based in the Polígono Industrial Campollano de Albacete, celebrated its 50th anniversary today at the Hotel Beatriz. It is a national reference company in the manufacture of insecticides, cleaning products, air fresheners and hygiene products, being “VinferMatón” one of its most emblematic and recognized products since the beginning of the history of the company five decades ago. Currently, they are developing three sales channels: professional, domestic and export.

The pillars of the company

During the event, a special tribute was paid to the founding couple, Antonio Vinuesa and Piliar Carrión, as promoters of the company. His daughters have publicly acknowledged “his effort and tenacity in moving Vinfer Laboratories forward through good and bad times, transmitting the values ​​of effort, teamwork and surpassing oneself to both the team and family members,” Pilar and Antonia shared. Vinuesa.

Antonio Vinuesa, who also celebrated his 81st birthday on the same day, said he was “very grateful for the personal and family recognition”, stressing that “all of this would not have been possible without the great team of professionals at Vinfer Laboratories who , in these 50 years they have shown great commitment to the company, I consider them all part of my family”. Pilar Carrión, in turn, admitted feeling “very proud of everything we have achieved together: family and workers”.

Vinfer Laboratories began in the 1970s to manufacture insecticides and hair sprays in Casas Ibáñez, Albacete. It currently competes nationally and internationally from the Campollano Business Park, where it moved in 1984 to expand its facilities and product lines. The director of the company, Raúl Martínez, during his speech at the event, stressed that Laboratorios Vinfer “has always distinguished itself by achieving quality and sustainability objectives, focusing on the reduction of waste and by promoting new ranges of organic products”. Without forgetting the more human side of the company, by carrying out important corporate social responsibility actions. In fact, at the start of the pandemic, and due to the shortage of supplies, Laboratoires Vinfer donated large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel to various public administrations, health services in the region, nursing homes and corps of state security, “to contribute our little grain of sand” explains the manager.

During the event

The act was attended by the Vice Mayor of Albacete, Vicente Casañ; the Director General of Business, Competitiveness and Internationalization of the JCCM, Javier Rosell; the vice-president II of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Amparo Torres, the sports deputy of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Daniel Sancha; the councilor for citizen participation of the town hall of Albacete, Manuel Martínez and the councilor for entrepreneurship and innovation, Laura Avellaneda; among other personalities from the business world and society of Albacete.

50 years of successful history and a look to the future

During the event, important anecdotes and discoveries that occurred during these 50 years were told. In addition, the importance of the professionals who have been part of the great Laboratorios Vinfer family has been symbolized by the recognition of Manuel López, a worker who has been part of the company since the beginning.

Vinfer Laboratories has always been at the forefront of disinfection products at national and even international level, carrying the name of the city of Albacete to the whole world. Already in 2009, in full expansion, Laboratorios Vinfer built a new logistics warehouse of more than 3,000 m2 in Campollano Norte. Currently, with a renewed corporate image, they are aiming for the expansion of facilities and new product lines.


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