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what a pharmacist thinks of the latest TikTok craze

We already know what TikTok is doing in the beauty world. And it is that, for some time now, the platform has been the source of many viral products and trends. The last? The use of natural rosemary water in the hair. We went to one of our reference pharmacists, Eduardo Senante of Farmacia Senante, in search of answers on the effectiveness of the new fad.

As can be seen in the videos of the social network, the mix that has gone viral is made with rosemary leaves from the supermarket. To make it, boil two cups of water for five to ten minutes, then add the fresh or dried rosemary leaves (it does not matter) and finally, pour the resulting liquid into a pitcher with a strainer where it should to rest. day to focus more covered with foil. The result guarantees that it can last up to twenty days and must be stored in the refrigerator. Some add the leaves later to the mix.

To apply it, they talk about using two or three days a week. They teach to start by brushing through the hair and applying with a spray can to the scalp working all the way down. Leave it on for four to eight hours or even 24, and finally wash your hair with the routine you normally follow. And they talk about increased hair growth and reduced hair loss.

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What does the expert think?

As Eduardo Senante tells us, rosemary water is an ingredient that has always been popular in the hair care world.

The pharmacist claims that rosemary oil rose to fame thanks to several studies that compared it to topical minoxidil for slowing hair loss. “It should be noted that these studies were quite encouraging, but the volunteers seem to have reported quite similar results in terms of hair growth with the indistinct use of the two products.”

He assures that studies of this type with rosemary water are still lacking. “It is true that a priori both (rosemary oil and water) share the same key phenolic compounds, so the results should be similar in terms of stimulating effect on the hair.”

“Rosemary water has proven properties at the level of stimulation of microcirculation of the scalp, at the antioxidant level and at the anti-inflammatory level. Therefore, it will work very well as an ingredient that stimulates the vitality of the hair and it is why each It is an ingredient more used in the elaboration of hair lotions and shampoos”.

He adds that, on the other hand, rosemary water is attributed with gray-darkening properties. “It is an ingredient that was already used in antiquity because of these properties, and which today is increasingly incorporated into the formulations of anti-dizzy lotions with sage, because it has been found that the combined use of rosemary and salvia multiplies the darkening potency of the resulting product”.

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Regarding its possible adverse effects, it specifies, “Rosemary water is a very well tolerated ingredient, even by sensitive scalps and, in general, can be used daily”. It is therefore not proven that by applying it you will get the results you are looking for, but there are no negative results either.

Products to sell with rosemary water

In the market we can find the Redenhair care lotion to combat gray hair with this ingredient in its formulation. A product that claims to reverse the process of gray hair formation and gradually restore natural hair color for a more youthful appearance. This brand also offers a regenerating serum with rosemary water, Hair regenerator serum maintenance.

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