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what cosmetics can’t do for you

Cosmetics is an area that encompasses our entire image, taking care of our skin, our hair or our figure. This sector has countless products and brands, so it has become one of the most competitive, which has led some companies to abuse marketing to make false promises to their customers. The result? A lot of times we take for true statements that are only myths.

Not all blame lies with the brands, as consumers we cannot escape our responsibility. Word of mouth leads us to use products or home remedies that are not the most recommended for our skin or hair. Instead of trusting real professionals, we let ourselves be carried away by the advice of friends or family.

One thing must be taken into account, no matter how much a myth is repeated over and over again, it does not become true. True or false? From THE OBJECTIVE we will dismantle the most widespread myths. We are sure that you will discover more than one affirmation that you are sure to have and achieve even in your routine beauty usual.

The most popular skincare myths

From the hand of Anna Fuster, skin care coach and founder of cosmetics brand Two Poles, we’re going to uncover five of the most common myths in the cosmetics world.

A cream can eliminate cellulite. Myth

Cellulite is a problem that is often genetic or caused by various lifestyle factors. For this reason, Anna is frank: “with one cream we can do little”. Cellulite cannot be eliminated forever, however, it can be greatly improved. The main factors that can improve it are, above all, diet and exercise.

Cellulite cannot be treated with creams alone. (Source: Freepik/valuavitaly)

Treatments in aesthetic centers or anti-cellulite creams are an aid to eliminate localized fat and moisturize the area so that it looks more beautiful, but the effect is very mild. In addition, one of the key factors of creams, in addition to their composition, is the massage that we perform when applying it.

An eye contour lifts the eyelid. Myth

A droopy eyelid can be due to a muscle problem or excess skin. In these cases, a small cosmetic cream can be made. What can be achieved with the use of a quality eye cream is to improve and fade expression lines and, above all, prevention of the appearance of signs of aging like crow’s feet.

Vitamin C cannot be used during the day (or in the summer). Myth

Vitamin C is not only depigmenting, but it is also an antioxidant because it helps us defend ourselves against ultraviolet rays and free radicals. It is for this reason that it is especially recommended to use it in routines beauty mornings.

Acne comes out due to lack of hygiene. Myth

Acne is a skin pathology caused by a bacterium that appears following a hormonal problem or following an excess of sebum production. In any case, a good cleaning and care of the skin is necessary to be able to attack the problem but will not be the main causeThat is.

Facial cleaning.  (Source: Freepik/sanivpetro)
Facial cleaning. (Source: Freepik/sanivpetro)

When the acne is already going from mild to moderate, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to give us oral antibiotics or isotretinoin to kill those lingering bacteria.

Another of the most common pimple myths is that chocolate causes acne. After several studies, we can now say that, more than chocolate, it is the sugar that could produce its appearance. Cow’s milk could also cause or worsen the problem.

You can have a beautiful and healthy tan. Myth

This myth is false because no tan is technically healthy. Keep in mind that to get a tan, the body has activated its defense mechanisms against ultraviolet rays. This complexion is preceded by inflammation and cell death caused by sun damage. So the only healthy tan will be the one obtained with a good self-tanner.

Hair Myths

Hair is one of the most worrying aspects for both men and women. Its maintenance has been the subject of debate, giving rise to all sorts of myths and urban legends. Today, with the help of experts, we will know how much truth there is in each of them.

If I cut my hair often, it grows faster. Myth

As Franck Provost’s Carlos Fernández points out, “cutting your hair has nothing to do with the action of growing”. The factors that determine hair growth are partly genetic and partly health-related. Other variables also come into play. such as diet, stress or hair hygiene.

It's a myth that cutting your hair doesn't guarantee it will grow faster.  (Source: Freepik/prostooleh)
Cutting your hair does not guarantee that it will grow faster. (Source: Freepik/prostooleh)

Another myth related to hair growth is that if you cut it when the moon is crescent it will grow faster. From Llongueras they have it very clearly: “physically the moon affects the tides and the oceans by the gravity of two large bodies, but a person is an insignificant body to notice the gravity of the moon.”

If you pull out one gray hair, others will appear. Myth

Alberto Sanguino de Llongueras warns that the hair follicle (where the hair is born) has nothing to do with the chain development of gray hair. What influences the acceleration of the appearance of gray hair is stress which can generate a moderate or even zonal loss of melanin.

Sleeping with the hair mask multiplies its effects. Myth

On the contrary: sleeping with the mask makes the hair grow and residue buildup and even dulls shine. Marta Laguarda, CEO of the cosmetics firm All Sins, specifies that “a hair mask, beyond 30 minutes of exposure, loses all its effect”. In addition, he assures that another of the myths is the amount we use. If more product is applied, we will not get better results. “Excess is just waste of product,” he says.

It is better to dry the hair with a towel than with a hair dryer. Truth

Carlos Fernández of Franck Provost confirms this assertion. However, he warns that, even if it is the best formula, we must continue to be careful don’t do it too hard since we could attack the cuticle of the hair.

To dry the hair it is more advisable to use the towel than the hair dryer.  (Source: Freepik/benzoix)
To dry the hair it is more advisable to use the towel than the hair dryer. (Source: Freepik/benzoix)

There are those who prefer to let their wet hair dry with ambient heat. This is another recommended formula as long as we leave it free. If we harvest it in a bun or a ponytail, we will ensure that it does not dry out naturally, producing an attack on the cuticle. “It can break it, catch bad smells, fall or weaken because it is not properly oxygenated,” says Fernández. In addition, you have to wait until the hair is completely dry to untangle it.

The more foam a shampoo produces, the cleaner it will leave our hair. Myth

It is totally a mistake to fall into this thought. When the shampoo foams a lot, it may be due to a high concentration of sulphates, so it does not mean that the product is more effective.

This is not the only washing myth. Some people say it’s bad to wash your hair every day. From Franck Provost they categorically state that it is not harmful and that “the harm is to do it with a product that is harmful or not recommended for the type of hair”. From All Sins they recommend the pH balanced shampoos which are best suited for everyday use.

Range of organic shampoos from REF Stockholm
Range of organic shampoos from REF Stockholm

What is certain is that the hair gets used to the shampoo and for this reason it must be changed after a certain period of use. Stylist Carlos Fernández reminds us to change it approximately every three months to be effective.

Another true statement, although it seems to be a myth, is that washing hair with cold water improves shine. The reason for this is that cold water causes pores to close and promotes natural shine.

It is better to dye the hair when it is dirty. Myth

In the past, dyes were much more aggressive, so the dirt protected the skin of the scalp and prevented irritation and aggression. But today it becomes a myth because dyes have the necessary technology so that these contraindications do not occur.

Hair dye.  (Source: Freepik)
Hair dye. (Source: Freepik)

What is true is that pool water can affect colored hair and turn it into a shade of green. Chlorine from swimming pools acts as a reagent in porous hair, nuanced and giving a sensation of reflections. “For this reason, the more blond it is, the colder it is and the more there is a feeling of greenness”, they specify with Franck Provost.

Can pregnant women dye their hair? The dyes are alkaline and open the pores of the scalp by penetrating into the epidermis. For this reason, from the centers of Llongueras they recommend avoiding dyes in the first trimester pregnancy.

Was your skincare routine correct or do you need to update it by busting some of the most popular myths?

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