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What damage does painting children’s hair cause? – The Sun of Hermosillo

Each Come back to lessons he brings with him new the trendsapparently this year is to send the kids both preschool and primary, with painted head colors.

It is true that this style already has a time that has come to the societyHowever, in educational institutions, hall minors with bleached hair, was totally prohibited.

A few days ago, the New on the advice of the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred), on allow that everyone kids minors can enter their schools with dyed hair colors.

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Although it is true that the rights students, they also have to follow each school’s rules and guidelines, that’s why a lot of people didn’t agree with such a petition.

On the other hand, the idea start using whitening in preschool and primary school children, this could not be a very good option and in The Sun of Hermosillo we inform you of the consequences.

What harm does bleach cause in children and adolescents?

After many mothers have joyfully shared publication in which he speaks of an alleged affirmation As for allowing the minors enter the schools with an extravagant see in her hair, there were dissatisfactions.

Some experts in style have spread information on the damage whitening can cause in a minor, this for live clean and professional, viz.

A study published in the British Medical Journal discovered that there is a risk of burns, allergies, sensitivity, scabs, ulcers and with frequent use even cancer.

This makes a lot of sense, since it’s not strongly recommended to constantly use the whitening in adulthood, now in a Boy much less.

In many cases, these are not the minors who ask to bring Hair so if not the same parents trying to keep their kids up to date fashionThey put their health at risk without thinking about the consequences that this can entail.

destroys the natural color

With the use of shades for hair should be applied peroxidewhich removes the natural pigment, dries the hair and weakens it.

That is, when you use this substance since childhood, it is very likely that in a few years the natural tone of the child will look affected.

causes asthma

The substances like him ammonia can cause minors to develop this condition.

The reason is the dust from the whitening of hair, as it enters the airways and after prolonged exposure causes a brief sign of choking, which is reversible when you stop inhaling the product.


Probably in some cases the reaction can be light Adultsbut in the kids it can be more important and cause dermatitis on the scalp, crusts and dandruff.

If you identify any of these panels in your son’s head, you don’t need more the reasons stop painting her hair.

Hair loss

The use of shades capillaries with high concentrations in monoethanolamine and hydrogen peroxide, cause fall related to hair.

You will surely not like to see your son That is the girl with growth problems Hair follow a simple fashion which over time can even affect your self esteem.

Appearance of ulcers

Since it is about Hair children, which tends to be much more smooth than that of an adult, the dye penetrates the scalp and causes itching, scabs and ulcers.

In many cases it can justify some itching to be a product new to the hair, though consequences they are much more serious.

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The shades for him Hair contain certain chemical substances for which it is considered to be related to the appearance of this diseases.

It is believed that the use in particular of shades dark, increases the risk of develop certain types of cancer and it should be mentioned that part of the problem is that the longer you are exposed to it, the more risk that works

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