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What hair dyes will be a trend in the winter of 2022

This is the call you needed to change your see. We are approaching the end of the year and with it comes multiple engagements in which you will surely want to look spectacular. So that in addition to being beautiful you show that you are the tendencies of the moment we are going to tell you what are the Hair dyes who will reign over Winter.

No doubt the Hair is an essential part of your outfits. a skin and a the hair healthy give your entire style the finishing touch for a spectacular look. This is why our first Advice is that you are undergoing treatment for the dye.

If you Hair is already mistreated by colorings it may be best to wait a bit and treat it until it recovers. There are plenty of products out there that will quickly bring back the shine and you’ll be ready to look spectacular.

When you’re ready, dare to change and wear one of the Hair dyes what will they be orient oneself this season.

brown tones

Although during the pandemic most people opted for a colorless look and only invested in skincare treatments, the trend now is for the natural look but with a touch of glamour.

According to the Global Beauty Trends report from Perfect Corp. based on data from USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, MexicoJapan and China, chestnut trees They will be an excellent alternative to close the year.

Image: Unsplash

The idea is that you choose a Color which gives you a natural look but gives light to your face.

And you don’t have to stay with the chestnut trees traditional and boring, you will find a wide variety with shades that tend towards reddish.

Skating will continue to trend

If what you want is a more drastic change, you have to try the platinum shades which was orient oneself all along 2022.

Although it’s usually the choice of older women, more and more people are taking a risk because, believe it or not, it helps features look fresher and smoother, i.e. you will look younger.

Image: Unsplash

An alternative is the “shadow root hair” which creates a natural and soft contrast between the Color base of Hair and the platinum. It will bring you a touch of mystery and sensuality.

But we warn you that you Hair It must be in good condition because it will need to be laundered.

hot blonde

If what you are looking for is to give light to your face, this tone is for you. The recommendation experts is to wear it with a gradient effect.

He considers them to be shades who need maintenance, if you want to show your hair blond for weeks, don’t forget the color fixing treatment.

And if you’re ready to take more risks, we’ll beat you more than the blondes Barbie They will be a success in the coming months in part thanks to the film of this iconic doll who will be interpreted by Margot Robbie.

Image: Instagram margotrobbieofficial

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If you think he black it’s boring it’s time to reconsider the idea. Many celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa are proof that you can be spectacular.

The deep black gives a sophisticated image and may be the trick you need to disguise a Hair mistreated.

Just keep in mind that it will make your skin look lighter, so you can balance it out with an effect that gives you some light.

Image: Instagram doublepa


In case you don’t want to paint all your Hair, to look different and beautiful, a few will be enough color effects.

You can choose locks that frame your face. The recommendation is to choose light colors, blonde. In this sense, currently you can find options that combine different tones and will give you a different appearance depending on the time of day.

And it’s not just an option for brunettes who want a light touch, blonde and lighter hair can benefit a lot from this effect too.

Image: Unsplash

Although blonde are the most sought after choice in Winter We also expect to see brown and copper tones because, as we have already mentioned, the natural will continue to reign.

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