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Your hair is falling out? It’s not a drama: causes, myths and solutions not to panic

Every day up to 100 hairs can be lost from our mane. In autumn, even, this figure can grow. But there’s no need to be alarmed, as it’s a normal process that’s part of the natural hair cycle. In fact, one could say that it does not fall, but renews itself, since while some disappear, others begin to be born. In fact, this hair life cycle It has three phases that take place:

  • Growth or anagen phase. During this first phase, which can last up to seven years, the hair grows about one centimeter per month. Under normal conditions, about 90% of our hair is at this stage.
  • Transition phase or catagen. It lasts between two and three weeks, and at this point the hair stops growing.
  • Resting or telogen phase. Finally, in the last phase, which usually lasts between three and four months, coinciding with autumn, the hair falls out.

But there are a number of other factors that also cause hair loss. The geneticfor example, is generally responsible for the androgenetic alopecia. The environmental factors, like the end of summer, a season when it is very exposed to the rays of the sun, humidity, chlorine from swimming pools, saltpetre from the sea…; They can dehydrate our hair and make it more brittle. Now, in autumn, the cold arrives and the natural light decreases and this shock of the elements can also contribute to accelerate the renewal of the hair. The stressnail bad nutritiona pregnancythe postpartumthe menopause, certain illnesses, surgeries or medical treatments are other causes that can aggravate the fall.

Flee the myths!

What washing hair may be the reason for a larger fall is one of the most common myths. Experts assure, however, that good hygiene, which meets the needs of each type of hair and eliminates the dirt, bacteria and contaminants that settle there, helps to prevent the choking of the follicles. Otherwise, the hair does not grow either. Nor is it true that brushing increase the fall, because it would have to be done very abruptly or even pulled out for the hair to come out. Those found in the brush are in the renewal phase and are therefore no longer anchored at the root.

A hair serum can help you show spectacular hair

Although it is normal for hair loss to be more abundant in autumn, there are effective natural cosmetic solutions that can stop hair loss. This is the case of Treatment of hair growth and densitya 360º treatment, vegan and sustainable, without hormones or rebound effects, which has been developed by the R&D team of freshly. It is a hair serum that promotes the growth of healthy and balanced hair from the root.

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Show off strong, dense and spectacular hair with this serum

Show off strong, dense and spectacular hair with this serum

You get it thanks to Freshly vegan capsules and to Smart Growth Activator, a technology that allows greater penetration and efficiency. It has two powerful assets: the turmeric peptide, which helps reduce hair loss and increase hair density; and the cap, which provides energy and vigor to improve the general appearance of the hair. In addition, there are nine other clinical active ingredients that are very effective in stopping hair loss due to hormonal, nutritional and inflammatory causes: azuki germ, amla, maca protein, pea peptides, modulating microbiota, anti-aging complex, saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba eco extract and arginine.

For everyone and with visible effects in 45 days

With the Hair Growth & Density Treatment Serum we get healthier, stronger, thicker, longer and shinier hair; full of energy, volume and vitality. And you just have to wait 45 days to see the first results!

  • 45 days of daily application. A reduction in hair loss of 32% was observed.
  • 90 days of daily application. The percentage reduction in hair loss increases to 75%, the luminosity improves by 29%, the natural color is enhanced, and the gray tone of gray hair is reduced by 8%. In addition, hair density and volume increase by 69%.
  • 150 days of daily use. Now the results are optimal! Hair density and volume percentage grows up to 88% and hair count increases by 49%.

This product is not only recommended for those who suffer from alopecia, but also can help anyone who notices an increase in hair loss for any reason: pregnancy, postpartum, stress, due to environmental causes, the effect of medication or disease or, as we have said, simply, the life cycle of the hair. Enough with apply the treatment daily with pipette in serum format. There is no need to rinse it off as it is quickly absorbed. Yes you will immediately fall in love with its smell.

It is also ideal because it respects people, because it has no rebound effect or undesirable effects; and with the planet. 99% of its ingredients are natural, does not contain synthetic ingredients, toxins or hormones and its container is made of glass. This dermatologically tested and is supported by expert researchers. It is also suitable for sensitive skin… and the Curly Method!

Respect yourself, reduce stress and change your habits to be healthier. All this will help to achieve spectacular hair. But if, in addition, you add this injection of vitality to your hair with Hair Growth & Density Treatment, you will get the definitive solution you have been looking for.

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